Saturday, July 08, 2006

When my girls asked where we were going, I said I don't know yet. Then I laughed and said, "I know where I am not going-Billy's trailor!!" They laughed too because we have spent so much time there. Although, now that they have discovered outside, and the magnolia tree!!, they are looking forward to going again!! My kids are country girls. They love a good tree with low branches. They love multi-colored foliage that can be made into pretend salad. I was the same way when I was a kid and it is fun to watch them do the same things I did. I did not teach them this, it is inborn with enough time spent out-of-doors. I am blessed with good girls that make me crazy on some days and close to tears of joy on others. Motherhood!

The date, was awesome. We went to di frattelli which is a fine dining Italian Restaurant located in historic downtown Paducah. Our meal was so wonderful, I can't even describe it!! We finished up with bananas foster made and flambayed(SPELL???)at the end of our table. DELICIOUSO!! If you ever go there, make sure you have that!! Keep back from the flames though. I know how to make bananas foster, but I never have because I did not believe it would be very good-the ingredients are so ordinary. The girls and I will be making this dish soon!! The bill gave me massive shock, but it was so good, we didn't mind paying $3.50 per cup of coffee!! I don't know that we will be returning any time soon-but it was great.

We did go to Billy's trailor afterward to meet David and Karen from Erik's work. We sold them Billy's table and chairs. It did not take very long. On our way back we stopped at the liquor store for a nice chianti for later. Then we went by the pirate night at church to offer Sarah & Phillip Billy's couch. They are measuring. Our church was transformed into a pirate ship. What a terrific idea! Everything was awesome. We left pretty quick though, but I am glad I got to see it and CAMERON was there too and I have not seen him in a while!! My long lost son. I really regret not babysitting him sometimes, but our life is just too crazy to accommodate another schedule. But the times when it isn't?? I miss him alot and so do my girls-which leads to a whole other set of reasons why I don't babysit him anymore. Let's just say, the crushes were forming.

Then we went to Erik's mom and dad's to give them the money from the table and visited there briefly. Then we were home before 10 o'clock. I chatted a while with Kathy-she took the girls to the park and out for ice cream after. They had a great evening too!! Then after she left, we enjoyed our chianti-which is my favorite red wine so far-we are trying to find a nice red wine to be our healthy nightcap on occassion. Then we had a very pleasant rest of the evening. We should date more often.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago and I can't wait!!!!!! I will not be posting for a while, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Who knows, Erik may blog while I am gone. If so you must demand more pictures!!

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jettybetty said...

I agree--dating is tooo fun!

Hope you have a great time in Chicago!