Saturday, July 29, 2006

No more yard sales for me!

Of course, I only mean having them!! Today was part two of the last yard sale. I made a big $75, which is more than I started with.(Right around $40 last week) Like Julia said after hers, it is pretty good for stuff you don't want anymore! My friend Jennifer came and took all the leftovers away for her church's outreach program. I think that gives me a weight loss of about 100 pounds!!(I wish!!) If I did that right, I just linked Julia and I will be so proud and I will feel so geeky smart!!

Kayla's skate party was last night and it was great jolly fun. I love that all I have to do is show up with candles and a check. Really cool the night before a yard sale since the house was super trashed! She had a really good time and one of her friends spent the night afterward. This friend is number 3 of 4 kids and seems like just another one of ours when she is here! If only all sleepovers were so easy.

In other news!!!
*Thunder is on the prowl. We hope he is not back in the slammer.

*Our gray gray has six of the cutest kittens I've ever seen and we will get her fixed before she procreates again!!

*Grandma is back in the hospital and seems to be recovering well. They discovered that she did indeed break something-her back. Not a good thing.

*My bathroom is still not trimmed, I was all intent on finishing the last time I posted about it. When I pulled off the tape after painting trim, the other paint came off because I painted paneling-so I put wallpaper there instead....the project goes on and on-this is my life. The sink will have to be pulled to wallpaper behind which brings hubby into the picture so it is on hold for a while longer.

*I ordered the last bit of curriculum for our school today. I am getting a little more excited. I will probably start somewhere around the first of August.

*Erik has noticed that I am nicer. He has been nicer too. Thank you Dr. Laura. Read the book-REALLY!! "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" just in case you forgot. Favorite quote in the book from a male listener: "If I am not horny, make me a sandwich." She was pointing out that men are very simple and wonderful to live with if the two most basic needs are always met + RESPECT. I concur! I asked Erik if he agreed and he says yes!


~d said...

(when are they ever not horny?)

**I have a hand wash only dress-that of course the cat peed on, right? So it is sitting in the washer filled with cold water, Woolite and VINEGAR!
Three guesses why I thought of you!
(the first two guesses don't count!)

~d said...

P.S. i linked you-finally!