Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am having a change of heart!!

Towards my husband, that is. I have a lifetime of comparing my life to other people's. This is so flawed and impossible because I know I only see what they show and I base way too much on what I see. I have really been praying to God to show me my defects of character. WOW! Only ask for that if you are ready to receive it. While yard saling, I ran across the book by Dr Laura Schlessinger(sp?) "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands". My friend Crystal had already recommended that book to me so I snarfed it up thinking for the hundredth time of all the lovely ways our home would improve if only my husband would change.

(EYES WIDE OPEN) I am such an ungrateful NAG!!! My husband works hard out in the heat(or cold) carrying a fifty pound mailbag-walking the WHOLE day so that I may stay home and raise our children. When he comes home tired, I complain that he is tired. Sometimes I do not even speak to him because I am busy. Then I am angry because he is hungry and I haven't gotten around to planning supper??!! LOSER!! I am going to write myself notes and put them all around the house to remind me how lucky I am that I have this wonderful man who has put up with me for 12 years even though I am so mean. Of course there are issues that we have to deal with that are legitimate, but I think I may try being nice for a few days and seeing if that works better than the cold shoulder. I bet it will. Ladies, buy this book and put it somewhere so you can read it everyday!! Then be sure to take a closer look at all of those marriages you admire. I bet it is not the man who is so much better than yours, but the wife who loves and appreciates her man that makes it work!!

I just had to share that with you!! Other points of interest in my weekend:

*Thunder still home, yeah!!

*Yard sale went great-not making money but getting rid of things!! Sold an entertainment center for $5-I so did not want to pack that thing back in anywhere!! I am doing it again this Saturday. Look out clutter!!

*Kayla turned nine on Sunday and we had a day of fun for her!! We went to Maggie's Jungle golf-not for the golf but the zoo part, Gattiland, and rode go-karts. We finished off the night with swimming and then going to the drive-in to see "Over the Hedge". It was a full day. She loved it. We do this instead of a present. It costs more but it is alot more fun than a new toy!!

*Trying to decide when to start school again. Not excited-well maybe a little!

*Trying to keep all my "plants" watered is exhausting!! Maybe I sould get fewer "plants"!!


Juliabohemian said...

how about a mister or a soaker hose for your plants?

glad your gaining perspective.

jettybetty said...

I have no idea why my husband has put up with me all these years either--I certainly don't deserve it! I suppose we are just both really blessed!

BohemianMama said...

Haven't read the book, but I like the title. I listened to Dr. Laura on the radio every day when we lived in Atlanta, but I haven't thought about her in years. I'm glad you've been spurred on and encouraged by her.