Friday, July 21, 2006

All Tucked In...

That is where all my girls are and it feels good!! If only hubby wasn't gigging we could all be tucked away in our little house. He will be home soon and then we will!!

It is storming like crazy here!!

We bailed my dog, Thunder, out of doggie jail today. This is round two for him. He is such a great dog but he is a wanderer and snobs in the subsurbs don't like the doggies on their perfectly manicured lawns so they call him in. Since he was collarless, they hauled him to the bighouse. We had to show our credentials and pay a fine. Now he stinks like the pound and is very resentful of the vinegar I keep spraying him with!(~d-I found another use!!)

Still planning the sale tomorrow-I hope the weather cooperates!!

Have an awesome weekend!


~d said...

You are too funny squirting the pooch with vinegar!
I had a washer full of (duh) water, soap and vinegar trying to get cat pee smell off of something.
(I think it worked!)

Ryan and Lesli said...

Hope you had a good sale!!

Juliabohemian said...

have you thought about putting that microchip thing in him, just in case he wanders too far? how come he didn't have his collar on? my cat would take hers off. we kept putting it back on and somehow she would get it off again. she is an indoor cat, so we finally gave up.