Friday, June 30, 2006

Since my reality is not real fun right now...a me-me for you-you!! Tag to whoever wants to play along!!

I am a cuddler: I am 50/50. I love to cuddle, but sometimes I want to go a whole day without being touched by anyone-(that never happens!)

I am a morning person: NO-but I do have much better days if I get up before 8. It is a whole productivity thing. I can truly sleep until 11 (I never get to-EVER!)

I am a perfectionist: only in my head...reality takes over outside of my head

I am an only child: Three older sisters, Sue Ann (43 in Sept), Pam (42 in Aug), Linda (37 in Sept) and ME ( turned 34 in Feb) The spacing makes it very much like two different families. Plus my parents got divorced when I was 4 and my two oldest sisters grew up with my Dad, Linda and I did not.

I am currently in my pajamas: Yes, but it is only 8:49, I will go and shower and get dressed after this!!

I am addicted to my blog:
Uh...yeah...that's an understatement. (And a few others)

I am shy around people at first: I am trying to stop laughing. I have never been shy.

I bite my nails: At last, a vice I don't have

I can be paranoid at times: I worry about things in my past and hubby's past resurfacing. I should trust God and my spouse more.

I currently regret something I've said: Long list!!

When I get mad I curse frequently: Only if hubby and I fight after the kids go to bed. Normally I am curse free.

I Like someone: A crush-heavens no. I am trying to pray the crush on my hubby back-it comes and goes!

I enjoy country music: I grew up listening to country music, not by choice. Some of those complete songs are still in my head. Hubby is often impressed when an obscure song comes on the radio and I know all the words. What a gift. I can't remember my to do list, just the words to "Nobody" by Sylvia. OR "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed" by Barbara Mandrell.

I enjoy jazz music: NO. Well maybe occassionally-just a song or two.

I enjoy smoothies: Yes

I enjoy talking on the phone: yes, especially people I would never get to chat with otherwise. I like to talk out my problems on the phone. They are numerous and require much talk!!

I have a lot to learn: I pretty much know it all. Doncha love my biting sarcasm!!

I have a pet: Dogs-Thunder and Buddy Cats-Cinder and Grey Grey(who omigosh-is preggers again!!)

I have a secret I'm ashamed to reveal: My past is a treasure trove. The skeletons are thick. I would share anything if I thought it would help someone feel better about their past or KNOW that God could certainly forgive them since he forgave me-but sharing just for fun invites hurt and criticism-I really don't want either.

I have all my grandparents: Not a one. I do love Erik's grandma though!! She is the sweetest most honest person I know. Upon first meeting me she said, "Oh, you're a big girl." For some oddball reason it made me love her!!

I have been called smart: Yeah, also BRAINY. I feel like I got kicked out of the brainy club when I did not finish college though.

I got higher than c's in school: Yeah, I love my A's!! I only got C's in the really tough honors classes I took-I think two teachers brought out the C's in me a couple of times. One of those teachers was a pop-quizzer, he loved them!! World Civ and American history, hated them both! Also GEOMETRY-I refused to learn those postulates and theorems! PROOFS- still scare me after all this time!!

I have broken a bone: Yes, I had to have surgery to correct a broken toe. LOTS of pins!

I have caller ID on my phone: Yeah, but seldom have the phone that has it on there!

I have bathed/showered with someone: yes, not as much fun as it sounded. Now it is just as a time saver.

I have changed a diaper: Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!

I have changed over the past year: In every way!! Please God, let it be for the better!!

I have done something illegal: YES, you don't get to know.

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color: I gave up covering the gray a year ago.

I have had surgery: I had Foot surgery and tubes are tied!!

I have killed another person: Wouldn't you like to know (insert evil laugh!!).

I have had my haircut in the last week: Needs it REAL bad!!

I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't: Not in well over a decade!!


Jacinda said...

I'm laughing about the grandma comment! "You're a big girl"~what a thing to say to someone! *yikes*

Juliabohemian said...

I am not real touchy. I need my personal space. With kids it is constantly being invaded. I don't like anyone right next to me if I am eating, using the toilet or trying to type. Otherwise I am okay. You would think those would be reasonable standards. But, with my kids it seems to be a daily struggle...

SuperMom said...

You really seem like such a fun person! Wish we could telecommute through the computer lines and hang out.

Since you're so brainy, maybe you could figure that out for us :-)

Susie said...

LOL--thanx a lot! Now, I'm stuck on that stupid "Nobody" song. Ick! I'll have to do those questions on my blog. Check soon . . .