Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These questions are from The INTERVIEW ME game. If you want to play, just ask me to interview you in my commments section. I will then ask you five questions you post on your blog. Great fun!

1. If you could only wear one piece of jewelry (excluding your wedding ring, of course) what would it be? Funny question since I only wear my wedding ring. I am not a jewelry girl but do own a little. Maybe a cross necklace that I have.

2. You are leaving for church and you realize that you have no clean underwear left. What do you do? Wear what I am wearing or was wearing. I'm a daily bather, it wouldn't be soo bad.

3. How old would your daughter have to be to wear make-up (assuming this hasn't already been a relevant question for you) 12 is the magical age in our household although my oldest told me today she did not think she would. She is wrong. I also have the stipulation that it has to be applied correctly-no clown make-up or poder blue eyes that glow across the room.

4. You have to find a house/home to live in that costs less than $100,000. You can't rent. You have to buy and pay cash up front. Where do you live? I believe the house we are in qualifies!! If we had to save and buy with cash, we would stay with my in-laws and save quickly!!

5. You are working alone at a liquor store during the middle of the night. A man comes to the counter and points a gun in your face and tells you to empty the register. The register has only about 40 bucks in it and the rest is in the safe, which you cannot open. How do you handle the situation? I give him the money (in a bag so he doesn't know how small the amount is) and pray, all the while telling how great he is, nearsighted (how blurry he is!!) I am and all about my children who desperately need me. In my head would be prayer, prayer, prayer!!


janiners said...

i would love to be your first participant! interview me please!

Susie said...

Me next! : )

janjanmom said...

Janiners!!!! Here you go:

1. What is your earliest memory as a child?

2. Describe an embarrassing moment from elementary school.

3. What is a life acheivement of yours that really stands out in your mind?

4. What color do you like to paint your nails and why?

5. What sort of event constitutes putting on make-up to you? (just leaving the house or only for certain things etc.)

Susie!!!!! Here you go!
1. You just found out that an important person is coming over for dinner and you only have one hour to prepare something suitable. What do you do?

2.Would you ever go to a clothing optional beach?

3.Have you ever shoplifted and if so, what was it?

4. You won a contest and have been given the chance to donate $10,000 to any specific cause. what is it and why?

5. Describe your worst haircut ever.

These questions are completely plagiarized from Julia because they are neat questions and soon I take giggly goofy girls scouts out and cannot possibly think of my own. I will read you comments late tomorrow night! Can't wait to hear back from you!

BohemianMama said...

ooh, I wanna play!

BohemianMama said...
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~d said...

I, too, was interviewed by Juliabohemian. I was wondering how you'd handle the liquor store thing. I would like to think I could be 'cool' enough to offer my theif a few btls of Crown Royal or Grey Goose and the forty dollars he can SEE me empty the register and that we could call it a day. Heck, maybe I'd offer a few packs of cigs, too. I probably sell those, don't you think?

~d said...

(dude) why is there a little garbage can next to my comment? Boo.

janjanmom said...

~d-I don't know what the trash can is for but I did not do it and never saw it!

Oh Julie dear, no need to erase a double post...I don't keep my blog that neat ( :

Here are your questions:

1. Have you ever been skinny-dipping?

2. What sort of event constitutes putting on make-up to you? (just leaving the house or only for certain things etc.)(this is a repeat, but I love this question!)

3. Describe your favorite outfit and why it is your favorite.

4. Narrow down your favorite books, adult and children's. (aside from The Bible)

5. Your house is on fire and your children are all safe with your husband outside. You have time to grab something-what is it that you grab?

~d said...

A very Happy Mother's Day to you as well...I have decided that the Lasik can wait: I actually LIKE having my 'fun' frames my 'good' frames and then there is always contacts...for now.
Best to you!
( darn-a$$ garbage can! ) :)