Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Can you believe the nerve of him? Now he is not only reading my blog, but posting as well. AND PICS!! Oh this is so wrong. Unfortunately, the pic he has posted is at least 2 years old, but at least you can see what my girls look like and certainly get a glimpse of their personalities and shyness(NOT).

We had such a fun and productive weekend. We now have cabinets in our garage(free from a friend) and all new thrones in the bathrooms(free from hubbies mom and dad and almost brand new), new paint in one bathroom(garage sale $1 and $2 for the new paint for the living room-when I get to it!!) I also have the $200 pantry that matches my hutch in my kitchen courtesy of a moving sale ($45). Oh how I love a bargain!! We have caught up on so much throughout the house!! I even vacuumed!!This is so scary, Erik was way more vigorous in what he has gotten accomplished though-he really made the most of a weekend of no gigs and 2 days in a row off. In addtion to the above mentioned, he cleaned gutters, did yard work, started sorting through things to clean out of the garage, and helped me get everything ready for the awesome get-together we hosted for Memorial Day. It centered around having a bonfire that we have been trying to have for 2 years and weather and time would not cooperate. We decided that even though it was awesomely hot, it would still be fun to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We had a few families over to celebrate the day with us and kicked off about 4PM. EVERYONE was late though including me with prep and cooking, so we sort of got it all started about 5:30ish. It was fine though!! These are my friends after all! We had lots of daylight time and there were kids all over the place. Erik got a wiffleball game going and everyone just played, visited, and ate!

I had started the day waking up with what I knew was asthmatic bronchitis that had been developing since Friday. A quick call to Dr. Telle got me an antibiotic, inhaler, and prednisone!!! I wasn't expecting the prednisone but I was oh so thankful. It helps to be on superhuman pills when you are sick. I hate taking anti-biotics or pills of any kind. She always knows when I call her for them it is SERIOUS!! It is also always either a bladder infection(read that way too many diet cokes)or asthmatic bronchitis! anyway, Erik went for them as soon as the pharmacy opened and by evening I did not even realize I was sick anymore. It also allowed me to really get zealous with the housework and thus enjoy the evening!!

Rain interrupted us about 8:15 and we moved the party inside and mostly everyone stayed. I had the fire going so good though that it lasted through the rain and when it stopped, Erik took some of the kids out to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. I managed to get a brownie and a cupcake down most of the guests and managed not to even be tempted. I was so miserable last time I cheated that the desire to cheat is really not even there-wait I did lick the spoon to the brownies as I was putting it in the sink (old habits die hard)but it was not enough heroin to make me jones for more (RELAX IT'S A JOKE!!) The party broke up sometime before 9:30ish. We sent our stinky smelly kids to bathe/shower and then sent them to bed immediately. We all slept in today except Erik who not only had to go in early but also stay late...they REALLY pay for the holidays they get off!! We stayed at home and I got through almost all of the boxes on my dining room floor!! I am so proud of myself. Yard Sale this weekend at a friends I THINK!! I can really get rid of some STUFF!! We also are having a curriculum yard sale Thursday so I can really get some junk out of here AND maybe even make some money doing it!!

I gotta get off of here now. More recent pics soon and I am trying to learn HTML so no telling what I will surprise you with!!

Maybe a link or two, Zoot(www.misszoot.com) shared her secret weapon with me and now I will be unstoppable!!



jessica said...

Wanna share your drugs? I have had a sinus infection for 2 weeks now... gotta love allergies... and I know I need a trip to the dr but I just can't seem to make myself go and write the check!

summer said...

a paducah memorial day bonfire party sounds like so much fun. wish i could have been there! love you,