Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday play date did happen and it was great fun. Before we went though, we went to Chuck E. Cheese at 11 AM on the dot and played plus cashed in every coupon for free tokens we have ever gotten and also all the winner receipts from past visit ticket "earnings". One would assume saving all of you tickets would result in cool prizes, one would be very wrong. Most of them are garbage now. Small sticky water yo-yos were our "big" prizes. We cashed all that stuff out for a reason though-probably never going back. Anyway, playdate was fun. My friend Jennifer, her friend Crystal, another homeschool mom I ran into at the library, Rose, and I had a nice time talking and cahsing our kids together. We ran most of the other moms off which is always our goal...JK!

We also squeezed in a visit to our library that has been "NEWLY RENOVATED", seems as though they took out a big card catalog station and got new carpet. I wish they had not built up my expectations so much. If they had not told us, we might not have noticed.

Thursday night about 7, had to get all kids bathed and ready for bed while Erik put finishing touches on mowing the yard, MY friend Crystal and I went to Pasta House for supper. We had a fun night out and solved all the world's problems while we were talking. We are so different and yet so much alike. I enjoy our friendship so much, we are truly iron sharpening iron!! We both have very similar struggles and are able to be wonderful encouragers to each other.

Sty tuned for pow wow report, muddin' at the mantel, & it's hard to wash mud off a YUKON!

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Jacinda said...

Isn't it fun to solve all the world's problems while eating with a good friend?!?!