Thursday, April 27, 2006

Several fun and randon things going on today!!

*My mailbox has been infested (as in about 1000-but they kept moving so I could not get a full count)with black ants and their egg sacks-eeeeew!!!! Today I went out with raid, paper towels, and a ziploc baggie to eradicate. EEEEWWW!

*I have a possible play date today if my children can be good. This was supposed to happen yesterday but said children COULD NOT be good for any amount of reward.

*I have a dinner date with a friend and we will chat chat chat and it will be fun fun fun.

*I have most of my fall clothes put away and I got our winter coats off of the coat rack, washed and put away as well!

*My house still looks like a bomb exploded! The good news is it only looks like 1 bomb exploded as opposed to several like it did a few days ago.

*The kittens are 5 weeks old and are soo cute I can hardly stand it. One of my friends is taking all but one and Monday is the day. Now to decide which cute bundle of joy we shall keep.

*Not all smoothies taste good.


Susie said...

LOL--welcome to the South. We've got those stupid black ants too. Every year, they find a way INTO MY HOME! I have an old house, and they find their way in. No fun.

Did you have fun on your dinner date? That does sound so fun! : )

LOL--don't feel bad. My house looks like an atom bomb blew it away. ; )

ROFLOL--what kind of smoothie did you make?

Heather said...

Us northerenrs get those little stinkers too (or at least thier yankee cousins) they are a PITA