Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My dear hubby stayed up very late Sunday night putting our new boat seats in our boat. They look great and we can actually take some people boating with us now, we could have before but they would not have had anywhere to sit. It is much more enjoyable with somewhere to sit.

Anyway, we set out Monday for a fun-filled, and hopefully fish-filled day on the lake. Our friend Keith had helped us get our things ready for heavy duty fishing. We stopped and got three dozen minnows on our way to the lake. The minnow bucket exploded just outside the door and the little silver fish were everywhere and squealing little girls(me included) were trying to save them all. Kayla was pointing them out, not actually touching them. We saved them all and the owner gave us 3 dozen more AND a new bucket(no charge)(we are customers for life)(Sportsman's Marina HWY 62). We got to the first "fishing hole" and had no luck at all. One bite, or possibly just brush entanglement. We ventured to the next "fishing hole" and had the same luck. We even tried throwing out a few minnows in hope of enticing a school of fish. It was not our lucky fish day, so Sandy-no fish pics. Perhaps we should take John with us. We never catch anything but bluegill and sometimes we don't do so hot at that either. We did have a fun picnic in the boat and it felt good to be out on the water again. We do love the lake and feel very blessed to live so close to such an extensive lake area.

Last night was my homeschool support meeting and our scrapbook night at church. I hate it when they are on the same night because I want to scrapbook, but I NEED the support meeting(and love it as well). So I stopped in for a quick hello and then went to the support meeting. It was very interesting and informative and then a group of us stragglers went to steak and shake for late night eats. We talked and laughed until very late. IT was great fun and yet bittersweet as one of our favorites is moving back home to Texas. I think I may move to Texas too. JustKidding-KY lifer. But there are some fine people there! Karri please do a blog!!

Today I am catching up on laundry-mount washmore is very large and in charge!! I am also trying to get things bagged up and gone that we don't need.

SLOW progress is
progress nevertheless. (such a poet) Have a great Wednesday!

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Susie said...

Texas is a great place (native Houstonian here), but there's nothing like Alabama--Heart of Dixie! It truly is God's country out here.

Sorry you caught no fish. Kind of sucky, but I did get a giggle at the exploding minnow bucket. LOL.