Friday, April 14, 2006

My children are at my Mom's...all three of them plus my niece who is also 4 like Lilly. Pray for my brave crazy mommy!! I am doing serious housework!! I love it. Pray for me to make some headway as well.

My blog read list is out of control!! I will have to pare it back. I use to could read and post in less than an hour. Now it requires two sittings of an hour each. That can't be. I'll have to stick with my connections I guess...Jettybetty, sara, summer, lesli, sandy, jacinda, deanaland, susie and even though it is more of a website/blog. I have been going from encouragement to too much of a good thing!! Some day I will do links and allow myself no more!! It started because some of you don't post every day- and now I am so busy reading that I don't post every day. Isn't this where I get my thoughts out? Off I go to find my house!!

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Susie said...

I SO know how much it is needed just for some child-free house-cleaning time sometimes. May God bless your Momma for helping you out so. : )