Monday, April 24, 2006

My body hates me today. Totally! I made it play softball and I am not sure it will forgive me for hibernating all winter and then jerking it out of zombieness for spring activity. I also took it on a long walk on a walking trail with a couple of friends. Today I plan to take it bowling. Perhaps I will be able to walk the lane and drop a ball. We have a very busy day today following two busy days-looks like tomorrow we may chill and I will catch you up!! Thanks for the feedback on the drummin'. Hubby and I have had much civilized discussion(this in itself is a breakthrough for me) about the schedule and I am sure there is more FRIENDLY discussion to come.

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Susie said...

Keep it up, girl! Way to get movin'! Don't worry about the soreness--"This too shall pass". And you will feel so much better once you're past it. How fun to play softball! I would love that. I don't think we have any softball teams that I could join up, here. I'll just have to walk/jog on, huh?

I'm glad you had a discussion with your husband. Keep trying in love and praying about it. And keep us posted! ; )