Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My girls scouts had their Christmas party last night. We went to pizza hut to eat and played dirty santa to exchange our ornaments...I LOVE that game...even if I get something yucky...I LOVE that game. You can really learn alot about people based on what they "steal". One of my shy quiet girls stole and I was soooo proud of her. I told her too!! I don't think "I am so proud of you for stealing!" has ever escaped my lips before! I am so blessed to have such neat girls in my troop. It is so tiring sometimes, but they really are a joy. The moms are so quick to pitch in and there were seven of us and 13 girls last night...I wonder who had more fun, us or the girls!!

We went caroling after the party and had a ball. We went to the lobby of Residential Care and they were so happy and clapped so loud despite the fact that we only made "joyful" noise!! It was great. Then we went to Hannah's grandparents. They were wonderful too and she had made cookies for us. Next stop, Otillian and Charlene ...I love them so much. They also had a wide array of goodies for us. These two ladies are such an encouragement to me. I hope I smile and enjoy life as much as they do when I get to that stage in life!! Next stop was Kathrin from RUMC, we "surprised" her and she just loved it. She also had cookies for everyone (although most of us were declining at this point!) Last stop was Anna's grandparents who watered us good and sent each girl away with a candy santa. It is fun to go caroling. Those of you who know me know I don't sing well, but it is still fun. We go somewhere different every year and it is always a treat. Something people should do more of. I wish this modern day culture visited more. We have so many hang-ups about keeping our house clean and being ashamed that we aren't neater that we really miss out on good old fashioned visiting. I am just as guilty as anyone else of not wanting to open the door when my housed is trashed, but I still do...except I did turn Terrell away once. He hasn't ever seen a mess before and I did not want it to start with me!! Teresa showed me Josh's "messy" room once, there were 4 articles of clothing on the floor. They are not ready for our messy!! LOL They do always welcome guests with open arms and hearts..perhaps I should aspire to a neater home!!

I am going out on the town with a friend tonight...I am so excited! As much as I love being a mom and wife, sometimes I forget what it means to be Janice.

My biggest fear is that I will end up clinging to my children through their adolescence, following them around everywhere they go. Trying so hard to be the "cool mom", buying beer for them and letting them borrow our bed for those "special" dates. LOL! JUST KIDDING!! I love my children so much, but I am already stepping back some. I hope we only have an advisory role when they are teens. It is a little late to crack the whip when they are driving...sure you can take the car away, but who will run to the grocery for you? I want to work myself out of a job and get back to Erik and I. Right around the time Lilly turns 18, we are kicking them to the curb and going on a cruise.

I am a little devastated, one of my friends got the rug ripped out from under her yesterday. I hate it when life happens. I hope God will be sought and found through all of this, but my big fear is this will just be another blow dealt to her by life. I will be here for her and pray for her extensively and hope she sees the light of Christ through me. I just don't know how to reach out to people that need Christ so much, but refuse to even listen to the message. I have never lectured her before but I have witnessed and shared some of the personal things he has done in our life. Please just pray for her...God will know who Janice's friend is!


Sara said...

Where you off to tonight? Hope you have a good time. Caroling sounds like it was enjoyable to say the least!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I will be praying for your friend. About this time last year I had a friend who also got the world dropped on her shoulders. It took about a year, but she is coming around and looking for God again! I'm so excited!! God will work through you. Have faith.

Love you,