Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fishing with my scouts was great! Mr. Dale Stanton was pho-nom-i-nal!! He was so patient and great to the girls. He made sure every girl caught at least one fish. Lilly caught 2! "I didn't even know I knewed how to catch fish!", she says, like she is a pro fisherman now. Mr. Dale travels around KY teaching people how to fish so if you have a group, young or old, I highly recommend having him come along! is his email!

After fishing we came home and organized our 1 million bicycle innertubes that Erik bought at the Rasche Auction. Please let us know if your bike needs a tube, we probably have your size! He will begin ebaying soon and he will be in ebay heaven. Then we concluded our evening with a much anticipated fire!! We burned all our papers that needed to be shredded and the pile of sticks my daughters had collected that was taller than Lilly! It was great fun.

Today we are going camping, not in our backyard and hopefully our paths will cross with some of our friends who are at Hilman's Ferry already. We are borrowing a camper this time. One of our favorite families at chuch is setting it up for us as well. Good friends are just priceless!! I have to get off of here as I have a million things to do...te;; ya all about it when we return!

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