Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Well, my girls scouts and I collected a very nice amount of food and goodies for Christmas in August. I am constantly amazed at who contributes the most!! People who look like they have nothing always do the most. Men are the next biggest contributors. Women with children who look just like me are the worst. I guess I should think about that when I pass by people collecting for charity. (Although, I usually give something-unless I just really have no cash at all!) Maybe we are just tired of it, it seems like there are booths everywhere collecting for something, tip jars, collection jars, fund-raisers. I think we must train ourselves to think beyond the booth-there are real live struggling people behind every collection point. If we can look at it that way, we can be more inclined to give. I do believe God blesses us everytime we give something away. I also believe the blessing(among others) is that we are less attached to our STUFF!

I am feeling a little better today which is making me think I should put off going to the doctor, maybe it isn't bronchitis. I would definitely take the kids though if it were them. I'll let you know what I decide.

Ready for a great day of school. Praise the lord, it is nice to feel better. Also, another praise, we heard from Gary Wahl, AKA "Cajun"in New Orleans. He and his dad are plugged in helping with the rescue efforts because they have a flat bottom boat. He said it is awful and the news reports are not doing it justice. Thanks for all your prayers. We are so glad he is alive and well! He played keys in 61 south with Erik until he moved back home to New Orleans.

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