Saturday, August 27, 2005

We ended up going to Reidland Day. The girls got up early this morning and posted notes all around the house saying "Happy Reidland Day!" That kind of made us think they might want to go, so we made it for the parade, got too much candy, visited the booths and came home and ate lunch. It was nice to see friends out and about. Then the girls and I hit a few yard sales while Erik pressure washed the side of the house. We only came home with 3 things-one for each girl and only stuff we needed! We are trying to get over "stuffitis" I then worked on cleaning out some "stuff" while he and the girls cleaned up all the sticks and logs from the yard. It is amazing how much debris is always in the yard when you have a woods at the end of your yard. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates that no one really wants!

Anyway, we had supper, swam a bit, got baths and they are all tucked in to get their zzz's so they will be fresh for church in the morning. Erik has tucked himself in as well even though it is only 8. He pretends to watch TV but I know he is going to snooze away. I wanted to make a quick post and then get back to cleaning out. Have to do it while I am in that mode/mood!

Fall is in the air and I am ready for it! I will miss the pool, but we have certainly enjoyed it. If any one of you is considering an easy set pool-I highly recommend it! It has been worth every penny, ours is the big one that is waist deep on me and about 24' across. It accommodates the entire family. In the fall we take it down and store it for the winter and then put it back up again in the summer. We all want bigger permanent pool though, but we will probably just stick with this one for now. Have a great rest of the weekend!~

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