Friday, August 26, 2005

Life is good, we started school on August 2nd. This year we have started to use Abeka curriculum and I am very pleased with it. Last year I was "designing my own" which turned out to be total insanity by the end of the year. It was fun and I know the girls learned alot, but to carry on that way would have led to total burn out for me. Now they can work somewhat independently and we can cover some fun stuff together instead of covering everything together! I think they appreciate a little of both.

Erika and Kayla began horsemanship lessons today! They are sooo excited as am I. I hope we are able to get them there at least once a month and hopefully more than that. They are a little pricey, but maybe this can be a pre-curser to getting a pony/small horse of our own. We have the space, just need a barn and fencing ( : (and of course $$)

Lilly jumped into the pool today at our homeschool health club. This was her first time holding her nose and jumping in anywhere. Quite a milestone. We have been trying to get her to jump off the boat into the lake for quite some time and she just would not believe her lifejacket would float her up. Even though this was proven when she and I got flipped off the inflatable jet-ski as Dad tried to "make it more fun for us!" He apologized much because he knows I am afraid of the water, at least getting my face into it, & especially getting launched under water unexpectedly! Lilly thought it was fun. Anyway, today she wasn't even wearing a lifejacket-just floaties-go figure. Four year olds don't always think logically, ie. lifejackets are safer than floaties.

Erika and Kayla are both really strong swimmers now and that is a wonderful blessing. I figure Lilly will be by next summer if not before. We will be going to the health club once a week for PE and that should really keep their swimming skills up.

Erik has been on vacation for two weeks and I have mixed emotions about him returning to work. On one hand, we have had very little structure. On the other hand, I have thoroughly enjoyed having him home. We have done alot of fun stuff including camping last Sunday night-we woke to light rain coming into our tent on finally cleared out but we spent the better part of the morning in the rain. Erik held the umbrella while I cooked breakfast. It was fun. The kids had fun playing in the tent and in the rain. It cleared off and we were able to go boating. Mondays are the best at the lake because you have the place to yourself. We all got a little sunkissed except Lilly who was heavily sunscreened and we have all been a little sick from the damp night air. Can't wait to do it again later this September. Kayla did say she would have to have an air matress next time because the ground was just to hard to go to sleep on! Erik and I agreed! We would like to have a larger tent soon as well, 5 people in a two-person tent is a tight squeeze. It will be impossible soon as these children keep growing. Anyway, we have two more days before Dad has to go back so we plan to make the most of them. Reidland Day is tomorrow and this will be the first time Erik has not had to play the Blues Festival at Kenlake. He played tonight instead, inside at the tennins courts because of all the rain and storms. We still may not go to Reidland Day, it has been raining all night so it will probably be very squishy! I would really like to go yard sale-ing and maybe hit an auction!! OR just swim in the backyard and get some stuff done around here!!

Guess I should get off of here now...there is laundry to be done. Always laundry to be done. Heaven will have no laundry! I am sure of it.

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