Sunday, July 08, 2012

S Day

Normally on Sunday, I get up, get ready for church and then look at my work schedule while I wait for princesses to be dolled up enough to go to church.  Today, though, is different.  Today, I set my alarm to make sure everyone else was up (I'm a martyr like that.) least the other two someone elses in the family that are not gone to camp (My oldest 2 children are blissfully away at camp.) and then I went back to bed.  When I awoke again, I was alone.  Not blissfully alone though.  I get to spend this day cleansing my colon.  This, as I understand it, is quite different from cleansing your aura.  I have never cleansed either before and on this day, I can only focus on cleansing one.  I am also only taking in liquids.  Clear liquid diet...words that make me shudder.  AND part of those clear liquids will include 3 bottles of magnesium citrate.  I have had one already.  Yuck.  I bought three different flavors so I could possibly get over this experience with no hatred of cherry, grape or lemon flavorings.

So, my bowels will be cleansing very soon.  This is a good thing too, because after 40 years, they probably could use a good cleaning.  Tomorrow I will have a partial hysterectomy and I am mildly worried about it.  Worried less about the surgery and more about the recovery.  I have been told by many not to even bend over because things can become 'undone' quite easily with this type of surgery and then you find yourself going back in to be 'restrung'.  So now I will be too paranoid to even move, which sounds nice, but in reality makes you want to do everything.  The cure for laziness is FORCED laziness.  I do recall bed rest with two of my pregnancies.  All I wanted to do was vacuum...a chore I never do when not on bed rest.

I have friends who have promised to kidnap me and have movie marathons.  I have two new wonderful books purchased by me and for me plus the 62 I already have waiting in the wings to be read.  Netflix, of course, is ready and waiting.  Erik will be my nurse.  Lilly is giddy with the very thought of waiting on me hand and foot.  However, I know with all of my heart that this will get old and tiresome quickly!

I will strive to look on the bright side.  This will fix my 'problem' which has been beyond terrible.  I am very blessed to have health insurance when so many do not.  It will pay most of the cost of the surgery.  I do have family, expended family, and friends that want to help me/us.  I have a forced 'time out' from lifting and strain of any type for 6 weeks.  I am very blessed.  And only mildly worried.  Keep us in your prayers...mostly that this six week 'time out' will fly by.


ShortyMom said...

Oh how I so wish you would've called!! I spent six whole weeks doing absolutely nothing. And yes it was as frustrating as you think. And of course the kids get frustrated after so many days of "helping". But it is so worth it when you get to the end of the six weeks and feel so. Much. Better. I limited myself the entire six weeks just to be safe. I occasionally washed a few dishes or rearranged the dishwasher but I lifted, pushed and pulled on nothing. My prayers are with you and please call if you need anything at all.

Cindy Miller said...

Praying for you and yours! Will see you in a few short weeks and see how you are progressing with the laziness!!!

Ashley said...

I was wondering where you were today! I brought a cookbook for you designed to feed quite a few (it says). Let me know after surgery and I will come visit! Let me know if you need books to borrow! Love you!!!

Ps did you see our announcement on my blog?