Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cheater Post

I wrote this for my church bulletin and since this blog is a record of my writing life, I am reposting it here. I think it is relevant to most believers.  It was supposed to be 100 words.  It was over 300.  I remember when I thought it was so hard to write long essays...just one of many things that get easier with age.

This church loves to sing. We do it well, passionately even. While
I am not a singer, I do find music fascinating. I love how songs
often have built in rests...usually those rests are in place so that
at the next part of the song, there is full breath and notes are sung
with fresh intensity. Sometimes, we make our own get a
throat tickle under control, sip some water, and maybe even to listen
to other voices around you. Then we join back in with a renewed
voice. We may even refrain from singing an entire song we aren't
familiar with. The point is that we return to singing and keep
singing because we know God commands us to. Love God, follow His

There is another command similar to singing. One that requires
catching our breath, renewing ourselves and sitting out entire
'songs'. It is teaching and mentoring the children of our
congregation. Some of us may feel that we have "been there, done
that" and you may even have the t-shirt. Some of us don't think we
can teach. There has been no one in the history of this church more
reluctant to teach than I. I was not good at it and did not even
think I liked children. Becky and God helped me learn how.
It is a discipline ANYONE can learn. Where we are weak, God is shown
strong. I will help anyone learn to love to teach if you are willing.
We know Jesus has a soft spot in his heart for children. He wants us
to as well. Teaching children blesses both the teacher and the
student. We all smile when we think back on a teacher that loved and
nurtured us. Imagine being the cause of that smile. Love God; love
a child; love yourself. Be plugged in to the Spirit of God by
helping someone else learn to live as Christ. I promise it will be
tough. I promise it will challenge you. I promise you will learn as
much as you teach. I promise God will bless you abundantly.

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