Friday, March 16, 2012

Tid Bits

  • My great nephew is having his 3rd birthday party tomorrow.  I cannot wait, he is adorable.  He also has a baby sister that is mighty sweet.  My kids asked me if I felt old because I am a great-aunt.  I said no, I did not feel old when I was six and Jason was born making me an aunt and I think 37 was pretty young to be a great aunt as well.
  • Spend the day chillin' and relaxin' with the family at LBL today.  It was cool.  We stopped at some shops in Grand Rivers on our way in-So Cool (It really is!) and an antique store we like there.  Then we stopped at some shops in Cadiz on our way out.  This was to appease the child in our family that does not enjoy the out-of-doors at all. 
  • Erik is the only one of us to catch a fish today.  Updated our fishing licenses and caught one fish between us.  Yup, that is about how it goes.  It was a cute little sun fish.  I picked out a spoon lure at the bait shop and promptly snagged it on a rock and lost it forever.  That was money I could have just pitched in the lake.  ONE cast and gone, I guess it was money I pitched into the lake.
  • Lilly, Erik and I are all sporting lovely sunburns.  Kayla, who stretched out and napped on a rock in full sun, is not burned at all.  Erika did all the same stuff as we burn.  I used to be like that too until I avoided the sun for 15 years.  Now I burn going to get the mail.  I truly thought it was a bit early for sunburns and did not worry with sunscreen.
  • We found a total of TEN four leaf clovers today.  I really enjoy hunting them.  I have never looked in a patch of clover and not found one.  Today everyone but Erik found at least one.  Erik said he has never found one in his whole life.  Made me real sad...but then again, he caught our only fish today.
  • I don't know why my kids were off on Thursday and Friday this week, but I am so happy about it.  Tomorrow we will have our third Saturday in a least that is how it feels.  Me likey.
I guess I am off to bed now, very tired.  Aloe after sun gel is applied and all is right in the world.

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Ami said...

I used to think the same way about fireworks... 'why don't we just go burn up a pile of one dollar bills in the street?' as my hub, who grew up deprived always wanted to spend about 100 bucks.

I never find four leaf clovers, but I suppose it's like winning the lottery. You have to buy a ticket. I'd be more likely to find a four leaf clover if I actually looked for one. :)