Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas, 2011!

Since I have not planned well enough to include Christmas cards in my holiday festivities this year, enjoy our family newsletter here in my little corner of cyberspace. 

This Christmas is bittersweet. On August 27th, Erik’s father, Jerry, passed away. No one loved Christmas more than Jerry, so his absence during this time of the year is especially heavy on our hearts. I hope this letter finds you holding your loved ones close to your heart. Many of you have also lost family and know that time does not heal us, but it does soften the sharp edges a bit.

Erik is still caring for all the vehicles at the post office(and at home!). For all of you that worry about his job security, he is affiliated with mail carriers, not mail processors-so for now, his job remains safe. We covet your support in keeping the post office viable. Keep mailing letters and ask your politicians to loosen some of the regulations that strangle the United States Post Office. He still drums every time he gets the opportunity. Lew Jetton and 61 South, Adam and the H-Bombs, Vintage Alley and a few other bands make up his resume’.

Janice is working for American Greetings. She is the ‘card lady’ at 8 different stores mostly in the mall area. The job is totally flexible and allows her to run her side business of taxi cab to the family. Her hobbies include laundry, dishes and cooking. She dreams of lying on the beach reading a book.

Erika is loving high school. She ran cross country this fall, joined FFA and FCCLA and anticipates playing tennis in the spring. She is also involved in Teen Court again this year. She does all this and still maintains A’s and B’s. Or maybe she maintains the grades to be able to do all this...that sounds more like it. She looks forward to taking some art classes next year and finding a place for her creativity to thrive.

Kayla is also loving high school this year and is delighted to be taking AP Psychology as a freshman. She really hopes to pursue psychiatry in some way and analyzes everything. She has also found a love of public speaking in her classes, which helps her in Teen Court as well. She is also participating in a computer club and can’t wait to compete through TSA club in the summer. She ran cross country until an ankle sprain cut her season short. She obsesses over her grades regularly and tries to pursue that much desired 4.0.

Lilly has always loved to sing and this year had the privilege of being involved in honor choir and was chosen as the soloist to represent her school in the region. She also joined 4H, Junior Beta Club and works hard to maintain all A’s. She is extremely excited about going to middle school next year. We are not ready for our baby to be growing up so fast!

Our children are growing up fast and making us realize how quickly time marches on. We, like so many of you, seek to make the most of the time and influence we have left. When the going gets tough, we cling tight to this encouragement we have heard from so many: Grandchildren are the best thing ever!

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season, but most of all that your Christmas is merry and bright. Love to you all!

Our Family

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