Friday, July 08, 2011

Good or BAD?

I have noticed something about myself through this whole diet process.  When I am good, I am able to be very good.  Turning my nose up at sugary goodness and declining like a wholesome food guru.  Weight falls off, I feel good-the energy level obtained by exercising and abstaining from sugar is AMAZING.  I sleep better, accomplish more.  It is crazy not to keep this up all the time, BUT.  It happens.  I fall off of the wagon.

When I am bad, it is full on.  Katy, bar the door and batten down the is gonna get a little wild and wooly.  However...I do still only drink diet soda.  (Which totally cancels out the sugar, right?)  Ice cream, pie, cake, candy bars, bread, pizza, chips, potatoes, cereal, pasta...all that yummy goodness that is prohibited for me normally is consumed.  In normal quantities, for the most part, with ocassional chipfests.  This might go on for a week and then my mind and body become one and SCREAM: NO MORE!!  GET BACK ON THE WAGON CRAZY WOMAN.

So tonight begins the last weekend of sugar.  This is it.  Come Monday [it'll be alright-(that parrothead song reference is for you, Hula)], this girl is BACK ON TRACK.  Aerobics will be ON THE CALENDAR lest I feel there isn't time for it.  SUGAR will be DECLINED.  Bread, pasta, pizza, candy and the like will be dead to me.  AND...I plan to be good for a very long time.  Like 30 more pounds long time.  I am doing alot of planning and brainstorming for making sure Monday is wildly successful.

So, if you want to have a cupcake party...please have it this weekend.  ( ;

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