Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Frappe'

I wish I could get McDonald's to sponsor this post.  They prolly don't do that stuff.  I will just focus on the good works they do through Ronald McDonald houses and not worry over it.  I have a bit of an obsession over something.  Not too long ago (translation, could have been last summer or 3 years ago), Mickey D's had a Friday promotion...Free Frappe' Friday.  I thought they were crazy as I visited each Friday with my children to get these wonderful free samples for my children and I.  That is usually all we got since I don't love spending money.  They were sooooo good that we made it a Friday tradition.  I felt bad for all the money MD's was losin' on us.  However, now...they are making it back.  I am hooked on the caramel frappe'.  It is the most delicious thing ever.  I would choose it over any other sugar indulgence.  AND at $2.29 for a small, it is indulgent in price as well.

It started as a, "Ha, ha McDonald's...I'm enjoying your free samples!!".  It has now progressed into, "Perhaps I should NOT research how many calories one of these bad boys contains."  I just finished one off and it was so good.  I also had one yesterday.  I am probably going to have to start some major boundaries...like only once every two weeks or something.  It is bad, y'all.  Don't try one!

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