Sunday, April 24, 2011


That is who the weather we are having is pleasing.  Ducks.  Seems there are lakes and ponds cropping up all over the place.  Also, my water-loving lab is very content.  She loves nothing more than swimming in, sitting in and taking in large amounts of water.  She is a happy camper, let me tell you.  Today, she was even licking water off of the very tall grass.  Why is the grass very tall?  The rain has not let up in days.  There was a small window on Thursday to get the yard mowed.  We missed it.  We are not the only ones...there are lots of tall grass yards in neighborhoods that are usually meticulously manicured.  Yesterday, we attended a local egg hunt and the hunt was mostly on sidewalks and close beside the sidewalks.  The rain stayed away for most of the morning, but the storms and rain came back overnight and have not let up.  Our egg hunts were indoors today.  It was also still a great deal of fun, but different.  Easter memories.  Everyone present could recall at least one year of their life when the rain was so bad the egg hunt was indoors.  This lead to even more stories about rotten eggs since real eggs were hunted in the great egg hunts of bygone eras.  Precious memories, how they linger.

There is rain forecasted for the next few days and we already have no where left for the rain to go.  People are comparing now to the great flood of 1937 which affected many river towns large and small in this major river area.  I wish I had some really cute rain boots and a matching rain coat.  I'm pretty sure I would get some major wear this month.

If you need me, I will be hunting down some gopher wood for a building project that might need to get underway soon.

 Have a great Easter...the short time left of it.  Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow-rain or shine.

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Sara said...

Yeah, our yard - while never manicured - is out of control this year! Just before this last round of storms Philip had to weed wack part of the back because the mower couldn't handle it. It's just not letting up!