Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!!

  • I haven't blogged at all this year.  I don't know where the time went.  heehee.  I love this joke, we continue to overuse it about almost everything for about a week and then we let it go until next year. 
  • I haven't had chocolate all year...
  • Tomorrow, I will enroll Kayla in school and then all three of my kids will be back in public school.  Part of me really wanted to honor Kayla's very sincere wish to remain homeschooled.  Then my frail overworked brain and psyche stood up for themselves and insisted I take a different guilt trip instead. I simply have no more homeschool left in me.  I can't say if it is forever or not, but I do know it is definitely true for now and in the near future.  I believe all three of my children will do very well in school.  I also know that I will miss them severely, achingly and almost constantly.  I will not, however, miss lesson plans, paper grading, or listening to bickering. 
  • I think I am officially having a midlife crisis.  This may mean I will die at a very young 76.  I just cannot think of any other explanation.  I really, really want to make some serious changes in my life.  I remain committed to becoming healthier.  I can't wait to have time to finish some projects I have started.  I want to accomplish some 'ME' goals.  I nearly come unglued if someone tries to tell me what to do these days.  I think about taking road trips by myself to anywhere.  I desperately want to shave my hair off so I won't have to worry about fixing it anymore (or cleaning up all the hair everywhere!).  PLUS, I am always cold so that these crazy mood swings can't be menopause.  If you see me looking at or test driving a red Mercedes convertible, send money FAST!
  • I am employed!!  I have no schedule or work assignments, but I do have official job confirmation and training materials.  I work for American Greetings as a merchandiser.  I will get to stock and tidy up cards at local shopping establishments.  I am so excited to work again.  My hours will be both flexible and minimal.  I had that requirement.  Even though my kids are in school now, they are still my priority and I want to be available to them any time I am needed.  (Except when I take that road trip...)
  • I did not make a New Year's resolution.  I am sticking to my life resolution of getting down to a healthy weight and that is all I can manage right now.  It is a hard fight to get the weight off, stick to an exercise plan and not revert right back to my old habits.  My short term goal is to be 24 pounds thinner by February 3-my 39th birthday.   My long term goal is to be at 140 pounds by next Christmas.  Goals seem to work better for me than resolutions.
  • I should probably resolve to be a nicer, friendlier wife.  My husband may be eligible for sainthood pretty soon.  He is putting up with the aforementioned midlife crisis and yet he continues to buy me nice things for Christmas and surprise me with Chong's by candlelight on New Year's Eve.  I am blessed...moody but blessed.
School tomorrow and here I am staying up too late...I hope you are enjoying this fresh new year.  I have high hopes that it will be a year of positive achievements for me and my family.  I wish you all the same.

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