Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life... bullets.

  • I hate school. (Not really) Erika had a hard day today.  Apparently her group of friends 'dumped' her because some boy told them she said something that she did not say.  So hard to watch her have to learn these things about life, people and friends that are not really friends.  BLECH!
  • My Christmas letter is written (Steph R.-my tongue is sticking out at you and I am not sending you one because you are a Christmas letter hater!) and the envelopes, letters and pictures are all addressed and ready to go, I think.
  • I am finished with my Christmas shopping and ALMOST all of the presents are wrapped as well.  It feels very good.  I look forward to a calm relaxing week next week.
  • I have a job!  If everything goes through all right.  It is super part-time with extremely flexible hours and I will kind of be my own boss.  I am not gonna say much more beyond that until it is a sure fire thing.  They could reject my paperwork or something-but I should be a full-fledged employee around the first of January.
  • I hope there is school tomorrow.  Lilly's grade is doing a Christmas program, tomorrow is dress rehearsal and Fridy is the program.  Plus, they are making gingerbread houses tomorrow.  Snow day the week before Christmas are totally unfair because they would not miss work-just fun Christmas stuff!
  • The DNA of Relationships by Dr. Gary Smalley    Get it, read it, live it.

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