Monday, May 31, 2010

The Only Way

...I can blog today...'cause all my energy is drained away...I sure do hope you read my blog this way...BULLETS!
  • It all started with my lovely but never plentiful enough asparagus.  Then some lettuce and spinach gave us garden fresh salads.  Then some English sweet peas were eaten by children right out of the pod.  A few new potatoes would then be robbed from the potato plants. A couple of cherry tomatoes (yellow what a pleasant surprise) ripened and were promptly devoured.   AND NOW, squash, zucchini and cucumbers make their debut.  I love the garden.  Especially my scaled down smaller and easier to maintain garden.  My only regret is that we aren't producing enough to share-at least not in the large scale sense of sharing.
  • My weight loss is only surviving because I am still faithful to aerobics.  My food intake sucks and the quality of food I am letting pass my lips is NOT GOOD.  Mello Yello, with its new retro can has become an almost daily indulgence.  If only I could find the track, I would attempt to get back on it.
  • Summer is in full swing!  Birthday season is just around the corner.  Camp necessities are slowly being purchased lest they break the budget in the knees.  I have already experienced, "I'm bored!!!!" on too many occasions.  The heat, oh the heat, is sweltering.  But, I'm lovin' every minute of it and I have already finished two books.
  • Erik gave me the green light to buy the remaining curriculum I needed.  I love Amazon with all my heart.  Clicking the checkout button makes me smile.  I love getting big boxes of school goodies.
  • I'm planning my life away for next school year.  Oh how I enjoy the planning.  I know that makes me a total nerd, but I love mapping out the school year.  It is so much more fun than trying to desperately to finish the map without killing the children in May.
  • Lilly's room has been decluttered and boxes and bags are in the corner of the living room waiting for somewhere to go.  The forced decluttering of Lilly's room prompted the other two girls to get their butts in gear lest Mom help them declutter too.  I HAVE THE POWER!  (Yes, it is only an illusion or maybe an elusion.)
  • I have the best in-laws in the world and I laugh at the rest of you. We have had a nice weekend of fellowship that was much like the fellowship of last week-but a bit happier since there was no funeral involved.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  Fellowshipping with my side of the family is just so much harder (DRAMA!-not always, but often) and makes me appreciate the calm, comfortable fellowship that my in-laws provide.  It is an interesting study of contrasts.  I love both sides of our family and the juxtaposition makes for my children being VERY well-rounded.
  • Tomorrow is unplanned and fluid...I'll see how I feel when my eyes open in the morning and we will go from there.  Summer is very mood driven...and much to the dismay of my children, it is my mood that does the driving, literally AND figuratively.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, how I love the summer garden. No produce here yet, but I'm awaiting that first tomato with great excitment.

Cheeseboy said...

Bullets are always easy on they eyes. Nice that you have suck cool in laws. Mine are pretty great too, but I am the only in law that seems to think so.