Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Some of you think that all homeschoolers are alike-cut from the same cloth, with that cloth being a denim jumper.  We are not all alike.  However, there are some things that seem to be 'normal' homeschool things.  Today, I will confess to you all the ways I break the rules.

  • My husband and children arise and call me blessed-as in bless her heart, she is still asleep.(For you non-southerners, all things that begin with bless her heart are insults.)  In other words, my children get up before I do.
  • All three of my children know how to cook because, while I don't mind serving them from time to time, my goal IS to work myself out of a job.  I'm not one to wait on my children and be thankful for the opportunity to serve.
  • I got my tubes tied after my third child.  I do not want to see just how many children the Lord wants to bless me with.  I believe the Lord allows medical advancements for birth control and I am happy about that.  ( I must confess though that I am awed by people who feel that way and maybe I am a tiny bit jealous...but it passes rather quickly.)
  • I do not own a denim jumper or even a denim skirt.
  • I do not make my own bread unless it is Schwan's frozen bread dough.  I buy wheat bread of any brand that is on sale.  I tried making my own bread and biscuits, I determined I am an excellent cook but no so hot at baking.
  • I strongly dislike Story of the World.  This is decidedly un-homeschoolmanlike.  It is loved by nearly every homeschooler in the world.
  • Ditto Saxon math.
  • I sometimes use public school used textbooks-on purpose.
  • I do not own any Cathy Duffy books.  I never have.  I browsed through one not too long ago-100 Top Picks for Homeschoolers.  A friend told me there was a test in there to see what kind of teacher you are and also what kind of students your kids are.  Yep, I already knew.
  • I do not limit my children's reading to historical fiction. (I do encourage it though!)
  • I allow them to read Harry Potter and other unapproved homeschool materials.


Cheeseboy said...

As a public school teacher, I strongly support any parent's right to choose what is best for their particular situation and their particular kids. Be it homeschooling, public schools, public school clusters, private schools, school of life, charter schools.

That being said, I have had kids in my class that have been home schooled and 50% of the time they are the smartest kids in the class and 50% they are the most behind. I know lots of homeschooling families and are friends and sometimes I think they are the coolest and sometimes I think they are rather strange, just like every other person I meet.

One thing I have learned for absolute certain:

There is no stereotype of home schooler.

Sometimes I catch me colleagues talking bad about homeschoolers as a collective group and I have to stop them and remind them that I know tons of home schooling parents that are ultra-cool AND are doing a fantastic job.

And that is my 2 cents.

Tiffany said...

Loved this post! Let's see--I also sleep later than my kids at least half the time, hate Saxon Math, don't know who Cathy Duffy is, my kids love Harry Potter and they read lots of books that are not historical fiction,...
But--I do like Story of the World. I'm even thinking of using it next year.

Mia said...

I own a denim skirt,I dislike Saxon math,I let me kids read Harry Potter,and I am wondering if you sold your Story of the World set at the curriculum sale?? :) If not well....

Jason, as himself said...

What? No denim jumper? All this time I've pictured you in every post, wearing a denim jumper. Even to bed. With polygamist hair! Way to disappoint me.