Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wildflower Pics!

Pictures belong to : (Copyright 2010) Kentucky Wildflowers
Hairy Buttercup. These are small flowers that grow very close to the ground and can be found almost anywhere. They have a sparkle to their petals that makes them look very shiny in the sunlight. Poisonous-cause allergic reactions in some people and are dangerous for livestock to eat. Alot of wildflowers are poisonous. I think that is kind of nifty because that keeps wild animals from eating them. God means to show off and nature has built in rules to prove it!
Fleabane. This is all over the field across the street from us. It is beautiful in this picture. It looks like daisies a bit. I love that the petals are fringe. They are very pinkish/purpley when they first bloom. As they get older, they look white.
False Garlic. In fact, has nothing to do with garlic...some say it is because the root looks like garlic. We did not dig any up to see, but Erika would have! It is much loved by the black and white zebra swallowtail-her favorite butterfly. These are kind of tall(came up to my the bottom of my calf) to be so tiny. I'm not sure I would have even noticed them all that much if not for the butterflies all over them.
Dwarf Crested Iris. It was quite a shock to find out this is a wildflower. It looked so strange just growing in the middle of the woods like it was. I have one of these in my flower bed...I think. I will be much excited for it to bloom out so I can know for sure. But most probably that isn't what I have, since it hasn't bloomed yet and this one is in bloom now.
Butterweed. These wildflowers are everywhere. While they are pretty, I don't think anyone will be digging this up on the side of the road to transplant it to their flower bed!
When you drive by a field that is all bloomed out in yellow flowers right now-chances are very good that it is butterweed.

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