Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's Cookin'?

For about two weeks I have been without my oven. One day I went to preheat it and F1 blinked at me on the clock screen. Erik and I fiddled with alot of things on it and then went to the internet to see what knowledge it would give us. We made a pact that anything over $100 would be in the not worth it category. One of the potential problems was close to $200. We started watching ads and also doing some comparison shopping online. (What did we do before the internet???) One of the other problems required an ohmmeter-which we do not have-if the oven sensor was the problem(about a $60 fix). We decided to just take a wait and see approach all the while still watching for stoves to go on sale. We even dabbled around with possibly going back to gas. The prices of new stoves is way high these days. Since the stove-top still worked, we just tabled it and discussed it a bit here and there.

Today, after I got back from aerobics there was some urgency to decide-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? We chatted back and forth, I really did not want to take the plunge for a new one until we tried the sensor thing. Erik did not have the tool he needed and did not want to order a part that might be useless if it didn't fix anything.(Remember-we tried to fix our dishwasher once and it did not work out for us. That really sucked.) I also did not know how much longer I could realistically go without an oven. So today was crunch time.

I decided to try one last thing and it worked like a charm and now my oven works!!

What was that one last thing, you ask? I just happened to think to myself...hmmmmm, sensor. If a sensor got too dirty it would not work. My oven is self cleaning. I have used that function many times, but I have also noticed it does not really work all that great. Since I had planned on cleaning it manually a while back when I cleaned Grandma's, I decided it was worth a shot. And it was. I saved us about $600 with my bright idea. I am really glad, I really don't like getting used to new appliances because I am a total dork that hates change...and spending money.

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Jason, as himself said...

I love it when I can figure stuff like this out. Which hardly ever happens. But good for you! It hurts to spend money sometimes.