Sunday, April 04, 2010


I was prepared for today...or so I thought. I prepared for it mentally and I did great at the giant breakfast buffet at church this morning. It was difficult since there were mostly desserts. I had a tiny amount of sweets and then had a bit of breakfast casserole-mine so I knew what kind of calorie count I was dealing with and fruit. Then I set about socializing and tried to forget there was plenty more if I wanted to go back.

After church, we had a big family meal and I did great until dessert. I started with a small piece of coconut cake (Aunt Pat makes the best ever.) but then went back for the rest of my piece. I also had some wonderful strawberry shortcake. I tried not to be too hard on myself...and then I nibbled on some pieces of ham. Then I declared I must get away from the food and went to hide eggs. Back on track.

After that meal/egg hunt, we moved on to dinner number 2. Easy as pie because I wasn't hungry. After being there for a while, I had a small bowl of fruit salad. Still good. I helped mom tidy up the kitchen a bit and then packed us up some leftovers for lunch tomorrow and supper tonight. Still doing fairly well.

Tonight at supper though, fried chicken, a bit of potato salad and punch bowl cake (a delicious mixture of the devil's food cake, pudding & cool whip). Now I am beyond full and totally regretting this day foodwise.

If you let up your guard, it all goes awry. I will NOT have this kind of day tomorrow or the rest of this week. I must be strong, my weight loss is going to well to be sabotaged by Easter food!! And I thought it would be the candy that did me in...anyone want some Easter candy?

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