Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Midnight? Already?

I keep meaning to blog but my days keep getting away from me before I can. I cannot believe I am staring midnight in the face once again. I have been staying up late far too often and I can tell it. The Olympics nearly killed me because I stayed up late to watch so often. I no longer have an excuse because TV sucks again. One of the best perks of the Olympics for me was the fact that it was truly family viewing. EVEN the commercials! Did you notice there were no indecent commercials? How awesome was that? I thought it was fabulous. They are slowly making their way back though, the 'certain drug' commercials that no one wants to hear about.

And now, a fitness update. This is really more for me than for you. I am now at minus 15 from the time I decided to change my life. People are beginning to notice which is when it starts getting awkward for me. I'm encouraged and yet embarrassed all rolled into one. I am starting to get the tiniest bit of definition in my arms which is way cool. I can suck my stomach in again which means ab muscles have returned-I worried they might be gone forever. I am at the stage in clothing where my current clothes are all too big...but not so big that I am exactly ready for the next smaller size. This means there is alot of pulling up of the pants. (I ain't about to get a belt, don't even say it!) I have alot more energy, but since I was near comatose before, it isn't as big a change as it sounds (grin). My knees are still bothering me alot. Mostly it is a stiffness thing with some pain. I think I may have grandma knees which does go along with the one doctor visit I had that said early onset arthritis. I'm not comfortable with that diagnosis from a non-specialist, but the pain I have seems consistent with arthritis.

All in all, I am pleased with the changes I have made. I am not dieting all crazy, still hitting all the food groups-trying to do 5 fruits and veggies for sure. I'm very light on sweets-it is not a daily thing but I am not depriving myself either. I came home with a small Frosty-cino last night from Wendy's. Erik finished it because I just did not want the rest. It was delicious and then I had enough. Is this how normal people feel? An ability to stop? I've never been this way before and I like it. Restaurant portions again are too large for me to finish.

I am losing around a pound or two a week. Slow and steady wins the race.

It feels good to be doing things that make me healthier.

"There are two ways to change your life: Start doing positive things or stop doing negative things." ~Dr. Phil

I'm doing both and I like it.

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