Thursday, March 18, 2010


The week we spent in Florida was delightful. It was that way because of how lovingly we were received. Our relatives were eager to receive us. We were blessed by that in an amazing way. It is a lost art in this day and age, hospitality. We tend more to hole up in our own little worlds and mind our own business. Keep to ourselves. Talk to a whole lot of people in superficial ways-like texting, short emails, and Facebook. We limit ourselves to one or two close friends and keep everyone else at a safe distance. We are really selling ourselves short, aren't we? My favorite fellowship is face time. I want to see expressions, hear jokes-not read LOL or (grin) and really be in a conversation with someone.

It is my desire to work at being a better friend, a better person and sand the rust off of my hospitality skills. It is easy for me to say that my house is not big enough. It is easy to say that because we are not wealthy we cannot entertain. Those have been my greatest barriers. However, the truth is that no one minds either of those things when they are eagerly received. Even a small, not quite pristine home and an inexpensive meal can show someone how much you love and appreciate them. The gift of hospitality is not limited to those with big houses and wallets. I need to remind myself of that often and quit listening to everything out there that tells me something different. (Mostly it is me telling myself that!) I am going to quit comparing what I have to others and just be generous with all God has given to me.

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

Tip-Entertaining for us is no more fun now in the big house than it was in the small house. It's all about the people, baby.