Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Embracing My Inner Child...

or alternately titled, Disney in the Rain. I suppose Disney fully realizes that people pay big bucks to attend their parks. They also realize that it would cost them a mint to issue rain checks. SO, they make it so that you can still do Disney in the rain. Also, since they sell thin clear garbage bag thickness ponchos in all their gift shops for $7.50, I think they are marketing geniuses.

In the morning, we began our park-hopping at Epcot. We arrived to a very sparsely attended park-at least judging from the parking lot. We immediately headed to Soarin' and enjoyed a 10 minute wait. Maybe 11 minutes because we waited longer to be in the top row. It was just as wonderful as I remembered. After we finished our ride, we were headed to test track to get a fast pass but it was raining cats and dogs. So we postponed that for later and rode The Land, my second favorite Epcot ride. NO LINE at all. After riding that, the rain had let up so we went to Test Track-a ride Erik loves. He even loves waiting in line because it is like a garage and there are car parts everywhere. We waited 30 minutes because of some rain delays. Then we rode-no rain. Then Spaceship Earth which is finally redesigned so it isn't so hokey...Bravo. Now comes the park hop.

Off to the Magic Kingdom. We boarded the monorail and then got off to ride the ferry in. No rain. Then we hopped on the train and rode to Frontierland. No Splash Mountain because my kids don't like is a big long for a log ride. We went straight to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-another one of our favorites. Then we went to Space Mountain to get a fast pass, it started sprinkling. Then we went back to Swiss Family Treehouse-Erika's favorite. It was really raining hard and began the major lingering rains. It let up a bit for Aladdin's Magic Carpets and then the rain came and did not let up again-it just varied in intensity.

We took maybe a couple of pictures and there were not Disney photographers all around like usual. When we finally decided to leave Magic Kingdom after our second Space Mountain ride, the rain was still going strong. We hopped back to Epcot thinking maybe we would do fireworks. We rode the new less intense Mission Space-it was GREAT! We rode the finding Nemo clamshells and then we decided we could take no more. Our shoes, socks and clothes were soaked. We hobbled through a gift shop to get Erika and Kayla shirts. (Lilly and I got Cardinal Spring Training shirts.) Next, we made our way back to our car. I was so happy to see it and no there would be just a few more steps and then glorious warm showers and sleep. By the time we got back to Danny and Wanda's, I could barely walk. They called me old woman.

Next time we go...if we go again...I really want to go to Animal Kingdom. Maybe someday, we will walk around the worlds at Epcot again too. There is just too much at Epcot to do in one visit, or really even two visits. I don't really want to go to Magic Kingdom again...but that is not the consensus at our house.

So there you have it, more Disney details than you ever wanted. Where even the rain is the happiest rain on earth!

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

The first time I went to Epcot, I thought I would like it the least because it's so "educational" but I loved it the most. Still do. The fireworks are great, and I love Soarin'. The last time we were there, Kool and the Gang gave a free live concert. I was thrilled. They were also having their food and wine festival. Hubby started the beers of the world but stopped halfway around the Japan and the sake. Good to see you guys yesterday!