Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloggy Evolution

Why do I blog? As I type that, several answers come to mind. Then I smile because these are not the same answers I would have given when I started the blog. Then a couple years after starting the blog, the answers changed. AND, now they are changed again. Which brings up another reason: a record of the changes I have made in my life, for better or worse. So now I will share a few of my reasons-past and present- for blogging and I hope you will tell me some of your reasons in a post of your own linked here or just by leaving a comment.
  1. The number one reason I started to blog was because I always wanted to keep a journal. Every year I would pick out a new journal and begin a log of my days. I would generally keep that journal for about 14 days, give or take. The last entry would be a rant about someone in my life that I was angry with and then I guess anger would take over and I no longer journaled. OR, maybe I was wrong in how I handled it and chose not to admit it in any sort of permanent record. (GRIN) Almost every journal page was ripped out and ripped to shreds because I did not like myself or what I wrote and for sure didn't want it around for posterity's sake. This is the reason I don't allow myself to delete posts very often...I need the reminders for my blog behavior to be good. I also am proud of just how long I have been blogging. Someday, I'll figure out how to make my blog a book and future generations can see how fruity and flaky their great great great grandma was and know they got it honest!
  2. When we look back over our lives via brain power memory, we forget how things really were. I have heard my mom say things like, "You girls never fought very much." HA, I can remember some knock down drag-outs over the phone. It's no wonder we are all tender headed-our nerves have been pulled to the surface. I want to leave a bit of a legacy for my children that hopefully gives some clues to how life 'really was'. Now, granted, blogging does generally lend itself to some 'glossing over' of details here and there-but overall I would say I am a pretty 'real' blogger. Of course I leave some things out, DUH, I'm not stupid. (At least not as stupid as when I first began blogging!)
  3. I wanted to serve as an encouragement to other moms out there-especially homeschoolers. So many times we are comparing ourselves to other people to our detriment. Since my life is so chaotic, I thought I could offer some hope to other moms swimming in chaos too.
  4. A sort of ministry tool. I think I am a good example of how far-reaching God's grace is. If I can be a Christian, anyone can be a Christian. I wouldn't call my past shady-I would call it a spot in the middle of the forest that sunlight only made it to from time to time. Even now with my ways mended, I don't claim perfect or even near-perfect status and I try really hard to accept people where they are-whatever that may entail. I hate the reputation that so many of God's people have embraced(sadly, me too sometimes)-the Bertha better than you homophobe hypocrite bad tipping clique-y country club mentality makes me cry out for God to get us all back on track to loving our neighbor.
  5. Social networking. I hate that phrase but it is true. I have made friends with other bloggers that I would never meet in real life. I took a detour in my vacation once to meet a lady in Texas who never blogs anymore-but was an incredible blessing to me when she did. We are Facebook friends. I met another local blogger and really enjoyed meeting her and our kids played wonderfully together. (This summer, Shanna-I mean it!) It has deepened friendships with real life people and allowed some of my distant relatives to get to know me better.
  6. Mood tracking. I now fully realize that at least one week out of the month will reflect feelings of complete and utter despair. This is commonly referred to as PMS and once upon a time I bragged that this malady did not affect me. THE BLOG proved that to be a false conclusion. Also, not to long ago, perusing through my constant bad days one right after the other and the occasional inability to get out of bed forced me to seek some much needed medical attention.
  7. A place to vent. Not a healthy thing to do, especially when you are be-yotching about things involving people who may call you to the carpet for it in real life. (I love you, Terrell!) Hello accountability! I no longer feel comfortable blogging about issues involving people/things I am struggling with. Not because of the confrontations it has produced, more because of the fact that my mind and opinions often change and then the venting makes me feel kind of like a giant thorn in the side of someone I dearly love. Plus-it is MY POINT OF VIEW. There really are two sides to every story and sometimes hearing the other side is enlightening. Then you feel like a super jerk. You ever had that happen? When your blog post makes people happy just like a turd in the punchbowl says 'PARTY!' Well I can count the times I have done that using all of my fingers and toes and I am trying really hard to learn from my mistakes and follow the advice Matthew gives us for solving disputes instead of having a bloggy pity party of "Woe is me!". Don't misread me though-you all know I am still venting and always will, it is just a healthier brand of vent!
  8. Finally, the main reason I blog. I am a talker, writer and overall lover of words. I believe that God has given me more words that the average Joe. Right now, I don't really have a word outlet other than this here blog. Even if no one read this blog, it blesses the conversations I have with my family and friends. Why? Because then I don't have to get it all out in a conversation with them. I can even claim a slight bit of introvertedness since becoming a blogger. I enjoy my alone time in a way I never did before. I like me more now that I feel I know myself better. I have come to know me and love me in a way I never did pre-blogging.

I can't wait to hear some of your reasons why you blog and wouldn't mind hearing from some of you lurkers as to why you would NEVER blog.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Hmmm. I honestly can't remember why I started other than it was a place to write freely and that appealed to the writer in me. I continue to do so because it forces me to write daily, which is a habit I wanted to develop in order to finally write that novel I have rolling around in my head. I have found that I love the social aspect of blogging and the friends I meet here. It also gives me a place to share my photos and words instead of wearing out my family with them. LOL.

Oh, and I never would have started blogging if not for you. Thanks! ;)

Becky K. said...

I began blogging to have a creative ministry. I continue doing it for similar reasons. My style has changed, though. It used to be all about the words but along the way I discovered a passion for photography.

Keep up the great work.
It is good to compare notes on homeschooling sometimes.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Mia said...