Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I truly am powerless over most of the things in my life that drive me crazy. From my kiddos behavior to the behavior of everyone else, I have NO CONTROL. However, I have been living my life like I have no control over my own behavior either. AND believing it deep in my soul. The truth is, I can change. ALOT. Good changes. I can stop obsessing. I can exercise and be healthier. I can trust God more with the things He is doing in my life. I can smile more. I can choose NOT TO BE OFFENDED by the snarky comments other people make. I can make fewer snarky comments myself. I can rest, knowing that the direction of the world is not controlled by me. AND I CAN control the direction of me. In fact, I should control the direction of me. Please pray that I will.

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Ashley said...


I pray that God instills in you the changes you wish to make and unveils anything else that would bring blessings to your life.