Monday, November 30, 2009

If It's Not One Thing, It's Two!

While I was finishing up my shopping, Mount Washmore declared itself an independent nation. Mount Papers To Be Graded has also seceded from our peaceful union and declared war on my soul. There is nothing to be done but fight the good fight as their troops outnumber my troops exponentially. So there you go, accomplish one thing and seven other things revolt. I am woman hear me roar. (Woman's work is NEVER done!!)

I have now finished my month of teaching the 2 year olds-kindergarten at church. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, despite choosing a 5 Sunday month. It has been great working with children so far from my own developmentally. The only problem is that some of my crafts were a bit over their head. Two year olds cannot glue 100 construction paper squares into little squares on a paper. No, not even with help. Even if it gives them a visual for how old Abraham was when Isaac was born. It will take almost the entire class time to "help" them all finish.

All three of my children were delighted to help me prepare for my teaching endeavor and Kayla was my helper in the actual class. It allowed me to see what wonderful servants my children are growing into. I know I am way too hard on my kiddos. I can't help but constantly be in 'help them develop into a better person' critical mode instead of 'praise them for being great kids' mode. I really need to fix that about myself.

It has been a busy, fun holiday weekend. Erik's sister Marla and her family were in for Thanksgiving. There were also some extended family members present. We had a great meal and then traveled to my sister's to visit with my family. Baby Noah was completely done smiling by the time we got there. I held him anyway. I don't see him enough to be choosy about his moods. Saturday we savored every moment of the gorgeous weather to do some back yard work. I am now hobbled in my right knee again. Woo hoo. The good news is that our back yard looks good and part of our fence row is cleared out. Sort of. It will be an all-winter job to get it cleared.

Now, I must get off of here. There are 8000 other things that I are priorities over this and a kitty has decided to snuggle. It is hard to type with a kitty between me and the keyboard. Enjoy your brand new sparkly Monday.

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Thanks for teaching the munchkins!