Thursday, October 01, 2009

What is Tomorrow Anyway?

It certainly isn't 'tomorrow' like I promised. Sorry. Our life is jam-packed with field trips and sniffles. We are loving every minute of being on the run and taking all our spare time to get a little school in and rest up from what we think is allergies. We think allergies because the KY Goldenrod, our state flower, is in full bloom and really showing out.

So anyway, on Sunday, we participated in the Monarch butterfly tagging for the third year in a row. It was a blast. My friend Amanda and her children went with us. It was their first time. Being the organized thinker that I am, I made sure they were fully prepared and knew what to wear, NOT. However, it was still lots of fun and I don't think sandals really hold you back unless you let them.

Our group caught and tagged 19 butterflies before the 'grand finale'. What was the grand finale, you ask? Someone got stung by a bumble bee. Someone's mom requested she go on over to the LBL guy and get some bee sting ointment after inspecting the sting. Someone's mom then went on about catching butterflies with nary another thought about the sting. Someone's mom then heard this frantic cry,


I went running over and learned that Erika had passed out and thumped her head on the pavement. Then I got a little worried. I didn't know if this was an allergic reaction or another round of 'Erika does not drink enough!". Turns out it was the latter. The bee sting was not swelling and she came to and was completely normal. However, everyone all around was quite worried about what to do. To complicate matters, we were in LBL vans-not our vehicle. To complicate matters even more, both LBL vans were parked in a moist ditch. One van was able to back out and get out of the ditch, but the other van was hopelessly stuck. After waiting a bit, our guide decided it was best to get Erika back to the Nature Station and have the first responder look her over. Upon arriving there, we pushed a benadryl and a powerade on her and she was as good as new.

I now pack benadryl with me at all times and Erika packs a water bottle.

We decided since all was well, we should stick around for the owl program. How old is the barred owl? The question was answered that the owl was in its late twenties. Lilly's response?

"I just know that owl is gonna die really really soon." This was stated in the hyper excited way Lilly states most things.

My life is never boring. Never. Ever.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Wow, you do keep things interesting! Tell Erika we're glad she's okay.

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! That Lilly cracks me up. Only you guys could make butterfly tagging that exciting. LOL.

Ann said...

Too funny!!