Thursday, September 24, 2009

Randomly Odd

  • My husband dressed up like a hippie for his porkstock gig. None of his bandmates recognized him at first.
  • My hair is uber curly today and resembles the hippy wig hubby wore last night.
  • Vikings are very interesting.
  • My bullets are turned in for this sister has rationed me down to only one box a week now and I can't share with my friends. ) : I fear my work at home job is coming to an end very soon.
  • I have endless calls to return.
  • I took the kids on a field trip yesterday and it wore me out. I had to take a long nap to recover. My Dr. appt. needs to happen soon!!
  • Rain is only nice once or twice a week. Then it is quite a bother.
  • BBQ is mighty fine. If you are in this end of the state, you should go get some!!

1 comment:

hulagirlatheart said...

Had some at lunch yesterday...and today. Will go back tomorrow. Good Ol' Boys' ribs-awesome!