Thursday, September 03, 2009


Power, it is just another word, right? People have lived and died for and as a direct result of power. Who has the power is often what determines whether or not a marriage works or sometimes if it can be saved. What kind of role does power play in the life of a Christian? Which pew does power sit in at church? Who determines who has the power?

Power is on my brain today. There are other words I might us, like influence, but I prefer to use the tough word for it. POWER. It makes a statement. It is bold and raw. It isn't dressed up and politically correct. I am talking about the kind of power that hurts. The power that one person asserts over another-or lots of others. I am not talking about DENNY CRANE power that loudly asserts itself to anyone who will listen. I'm talking about the quiet pervasive power that goes bump in the night. The power that seeps in slowly and takes your breath away because you didn't expect it.

That is the kind of power I am thinking about. Mostly I am praying about it. We all have power. We all have the potential to use our power to get our way. What happens if I use it to such an extent that good people are hurt. What happens if I start thinking my way is the best, my people are the best, my preferences are every one's preferences-or they should be. What if I start to think I know who God wants to fill servant positions and I ignore the call someone else may feel in their life. Who wins if I always get what I want?

Honestly, who am I? I am but a vapor. Nothing I do here has any merit without the will of my Father at its root. He is the perfect parent, he has no favorites. He equips the called, not calls the equipped. He is strong where we are weak. The people who can be used most mightily might not be the people we think of first. It is not His will that one person be declared 'better' than another. EVAH. NO NOT EVAH. So why does it keep happening? It breaks my heart. In a thousand itty bitty slivers.

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