Monday, September 07, 2009


Yesterday, hubby and I labored jointly on the monumental task of making our shower decent. When we moved in, it left alot to be desired and so we put it on a back burner. Over the years, we have had many industrious cleaning bouts with it but none like yesterday. I took the doors outside for a serious scrubbing and Hubby did the same inside. We both used some serious cleaning product combined with serious elbow grease. AND, it looks pretty good. I still desperately want a new shower-preferably a nice tile shower, but it will suffice until the day we have some extra thousands to throw around.

Today I cleaned all the trash cans and worked on laundry while Erik took the girls to the parade. They had a ball and I loved being alone at home. Now we are at my in-laws. We have eaten like kings and now we are doing the whole laying about thing. I have the best in-laws ever. They spoil us almost every holiday and sometimes even when there is no holiday. We are blessed.

This afternoon I plan to do some more cleaning. I hate cleaning but it really has to get done...even if it quickly gets undone. However, I won't rush our laying about time here...where it is always clean.

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Ashley said...

We have projects like that too... When we have a few extra thousand dollars laying around, I'd love new floors...and to refinish the bathroom downstairs and...the kitchen. You know, when we have it just laying around :)