Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ketch-up Anyone?

  • Wow! I have really been unplugged lately. No blogging, no keeping up with facebook, not even keeping up with emails. Very unjanjanmomlike. That is the longest word I have ever made up. There is no big crisis or anything, I just haven't been turning on the computer most days. It CAN happen and the net world just goes on without me, that ain't right. My reader is going to be awful. I went ahead and posted without reading them all because Rome was not built in a day...I can't read and post.
  • We went to see fireworks on Thursday at a different location than usual because it was the only night our whole family would be together. They were awesome and it was good to not have to go anywhere else or worry that rain would cancel. (My overachieving self originally planned to try to go see all the local fireworks but my underachieving self slapped her silly.) We also got to meet our friends Steven and Ashley after the fireworks at a local dairy bar for milkshakes. Fireworks, good friends, good dairy-who could ask for anything more??
  • My garden is weeded and looking good. WAHOO! Now, if I can only maintain it!!
  • Our pool is finally looking good. It is our best year ever for leveling and Erik and I have worked really hard to get all the bugs out. Easy set pools are so bad about bugs. I just don't believe the filter/pump is large enough to keep the pool as clean as 'real' pools.
  • I have fully digested the phrase, "We are not going to let our girls babysit." They had yet another babysitting gig on Friday. I have changed the phrase to, "We will only let our girls babysit for close friends." PS. They are now 'official' babysitters as they completed a babysitter training class during their week of service camp.
  • I missed church today because of a late night rendezvous with acid reflux. It kept me up most of the night and I slept like the dead while my family was at church. Then hubby woke me up with my favorite Chinese food. I will resist the urge to make this a weekly ritual however tempting it may be-the Chinese food, not the reflux.
  • I'm sure there is much more, but I am tired and need to get some sleep. Have a great Monday!!

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