Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

Have you ever noticed that bad days often follow really good days? Sometimes I am certain that is might be some sort of law. Like too many good days all in a row might make us forget about bad days. This is almost always the case in my homeschooling world. A day of accomplishing goals must be followed by a day of, "I can't believe it is 11 o'clock, what happened?". May as well watch Martha the Stewart and call it Home Ec. Just kidding, we just watch-we don't call it school.

So, with yesterday being such an on-track day, today is not so much. However, I am getting ready to crack my whip and rally the troops. We must fight through the bad days like our lives depend on it. And they sort of do. Not fighting through the lazy unproductive days begats more lazy unproductive days. And everybody knows, lazy unproductive days are best kept to summer vacation...8 days from now. Must resist...JUST A FEW MORE DAYS...Anyone else out there fighting for their life? BAND TOGETHER, strength in numbers and all that jazz.

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Jason, as himself said...

I would be afraid of those lazy and unproductive days if it were all left up to me!