Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Book Reviews

First of all, I have to confess that between teaching a Ladie's Class on Wednesday night and building a social life for my children(oh yeah-AND SCHOOL!!), there has not been alot of time for reading. Secondly, I have not chosen well in the reading materials department of late so the books I am reading are taking me way long. Thirdly, Hubby has been home forever and I don't read as much when he is around because it gives him a complex.
First Revew:
This Bible Study on Faith and Pop Culture would be an excellent Bible study to do within a small group of friends with similar attitudes towards TV. However, TV and movies are a hot button topic for so many people. There are those out there who believe your salvation is on the line every time you watch an 'R' rated movie and others who believe all movies are appropriate for everyone. Therefore, a mixture of those two in a group could turn ugly really quickly. I fall somewhere in the middle of the murky pop culture mix. I am pretty legalistic about what my children watch but somewhat liberal about what I watch. It's the whole moral formation thing. I have developed mine, but my kids have not. I don't want them to be influenced morally by Johnny Depp because they 'think he is cute'. Also, the fact that I had no boundaries and arrived at my moral station through some awful highways makes me believe very strongly in boundaries.

I like the fact that this study is based on the writings of several different authors of differing opinions from the magazine. It made me question why I feel the way I feel. I believe that questioning our beliefs stengthens our faith, so I always enjoy asking myself why I have arrived at the conclusions and evaluating if a change should be made.

This Bible study is not a Beth Moore or Experiencing God life-altering study. It is an interesting look at the changes POP CULTURE brings to our Christian heritage and our country. I recommend it. It would even be a neat study to do as a family and maybe get some input from your kids about how our culture is influencing their lives. It might be an eye-opening experience for everyone involved!


Renovating Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck

This should have been such a quick read but it has taken me forever. It is all about a typical mom and her family. They move into a fixer upper and discover it is a whole lot of work and the biggest changes happen to her not the house. I have taken so long to read this book that even though it is a great story, I am just ready to be done with it already!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Same goes for me on my latest book. It's okay, but I'm just slogging through it because of everything else going on in my life. I hate it when I don't have the nerve to just walk away from a book.