Monday, May 18, 2009


Wow!! Erik was on vacation the last two weeks and then on top of that we have been busier than a one-legged cat in a pooping contest. Much has been marked off of my fifty things to do list and I am sooo glad to breathe a little easier.

Here's what you missed:
  • Daisy's hot spots have been home remedied away. WHOO HOO! Go home remedies. Power to the people and all that.
  • Our homeschool track club has grown and changed shape many times. Restructuring for the summer is on my list of things to do. Getting a coach is a high priority...I'm not exactly skilled in the art of running/track.
  • The reading club I started for Kayla has changed into a reading/writing club at the insistence of the girls and they are working on a cool name.
  • My 15 year wedding anniversary was celebrated with Hubby at one of our town's newest restaurants. For the price of an arm and a leg, we dined on a very large assortment of grilled meats. Guess what?!! LAMB sucks. It must be an acquired taste and I have no desire to acquire it. I could not even chew it up. BLECK!! BAAA-AAAD. The restaurant is great, the price is inflated and we may go again in 15 years.
  • I lunched with Hulagirl and MamaMia + grandbaby on Friday. I had the best club sandwich ever. The conversation was wonderful. The friendships with these two ladies are so precious to me!! Hulagirl treated Mia and I AND we were very thankful for her blessing us with adult conversation and good eats.
  • Friday night we finally went to the Shoe Carnival and bought much needed running shoes for Erika and Lilly. Kayla got hers a couple of weeks ago. I also replaced my antique worn our dressy sandals for some cool Sketcher's slides. We got out of there with 5 pairs of shoes and 9 pairs of socks for $90(Kayla and I got major on-sale shoes!!). I HATE buying new shoes for growing children but with them running now, it had to be done. AND, it had to be good quality running shoes.
  • Saturday morning, we spent as much time as possible yard saling and scored some decent clothing needs. Erika has been picking up jewelry at yard sales for almost nothing and then recycling it into jewelry she likes using the things we bought after a Michaels jewelry workshop last week. She is doing really well with it and Kayla and Lilly are liking it as well. We are such a crafty bunch. Don't be jealous of our KRAFT SKILZ.
  • We went to visit my Dad on his birthday and took him cupcakes and ice cream. He is 69. Wow. Almost 70. It doesn't seem possible.
  • I organized schedules for, shopped for and pulled off a concession stand for Lilly's children's chorus. It made very little money due to freaky COLD weather and unusual location, BUT we had so much fun. The fun even made the 9 hours I spent on my feet bearable. AND I can add hot dog grilling, popcorn popping and concession stand "management" to my resume.
  • Saturday night, after the concession stand clean-up, I came home and made it to bed around 1:30ish. Sunday morning, Erik got up and went to church with all three girls leaving me to come along later. At 11:36, he called to see if I was on my way to our CARE group picnic and WOKE ME UP from the best sleep-in EVAH. I hurriedly made my baked beans in my family skillet on the stove and got dressed ASAP. The beans and I were almost ready when he came to pick me up. I hear the sermon was great today but I'll have to get the Cliff's notes from somebody.
  • A quick trip to the ATM this afternoon where I "shopped" for the baby shower at my church, a catnap in a chair, older girls to youth CARE group, a visit with friends this evening and follow up at a yard sale where a 'too good to be true' deal proved to be exactly that rounded out our Sunday fun. (Can you believe that is one sentence? Grammar SKILZ!)
  • I am ready to start a new calmer week. Complete with a trip to the hoof doctor to get my mom's and stepdad's hooves trimmed. The fun is almost constant in this here neck of the woods.

Calgon???? CALGON???


hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! I hate lamb. I too, do not understand the fuss. The lamb Challenge on Iron Chef America left me gagging, but then I'll eat catfish, so go figure.

I had a great time Friday. I'm so glad you guys could come and Puddin' Cup was adorable.

I thought about you slinging hot dogs in the cold weather the other night and wondered if you were selling hot chocolate too.

LOL. The in-laws are due for hoof trims any day now.

Ashley said...

I like lamb. I think. But, I've only had it a couple of times, so maybe they had some special lamb or maybe it was fake. Like in a can. Can you buy lamb in a can?

Geez louise, lots of posts today! I like it! As for bathing suits...I don't know if this is up the girls' alley but I found a site I really like: It's as modest as bathing suits get, I guess without being bloomers/knickers and the such. And, they're cute.

And, ATM shopping is awesome. I love when ppl shop out of the ATM for me. :)

Trailboss said...

I don't like lamb at all either. It has a funky taste to me. I could save yall a trip to the hoof doctor by sending my farrier over for the hoof trims. Would that work?