Thursday, January 01, 2009

Let's Not Call Them Resolutions

Let's just call them a plan for self-improvement. I offer you a few of my plans for self-improvement.
  1. I plan to install one of those filters people always say I was born without. I say what I think a bit too easily and I think one of them-there filters may make my life a bit easier. I will also purchase one for Lilly. I can't help my easily-read facial expressions though-unless there is some sort of screen I haven't heard of.
  2. We have made the commitment as a family to avoid running our animals over with our vehicles. It has not only proven to be very expensive, but also heartbreaking to have a dog with a bandage covered with duct-tape. (To prevent chewing and such.) (You might be a redneck if your dog has duct-tape wrapped around his bandage.)
  3. Hubby and I are being much more self-controlled with our spending. I plan to make even more cuts in our spending on food while being more intentional about planning meals. I have been horrible in the menu planning arena lately.
  4. Hubby and I will also make smarter purchases for our homeschool. We will give much more thought to what we buy. I personally have to seriously make wiser choices in the homeschool department. I must remember that while most curriculum out there is top-notch, not even a super-human teacher momma can use all of it. Translation: Stop buying too much curriculum!!! You do not need to go to a curriculum fair!! Use what you have. Sell what you aren't using. Trade out stuff with fellow curriculum junkies.
  5. While I am very proud of how much decluttering I have done, there is still more to do. I want my super-awesome storage closet to be a tool our whole family can utilize in a positive way, not an embarrassment I hope no one sees.
  6. I plan to open our home to entertaining our friends and family more often. While my house is small, it isn't too small to have friends over. We are blessed to have a nice home and I want people to come over and share it with us much more often.
  7. I want to save money. Usually when I get a few dollars extra, I plan how to spend it. For example, if I get $13.00 from a consignment shop- I generally turn around and spend $13.00 on something else. While this is not exactly "wasting" money, we need to shop to meet our needs not just shop because we have some extra money.
  8. Of course, to drop some pounds. It just wouldn't be a New Year's Day if I didn't really wish strongly to be thin and resolve to work on it.
  9. The garden. We want to have a nice garden this year and we know what it takes. Our plan is to actually accomplish taking care of it this year.
  10. Be nicer to my children. I tend to be a yell-er and I am working very hard to be a bit slower to anger. I did not wait to start this one, I've been working on it BIG TIME for about 2 months. I am slowly improving. As I improve I get to experience the joy of seeing my flaws acted out in the children I have taught it too. Nothing is harder to watch than the way our children mirror us.

How about you? What are your self improvement plans??


Amy said...

I don't usually copy off of other people's papers (or blogs), but if I was to list things that I need to "improve" on...I could pretty much just say, "Ditto," to everything that you listed here. (The one exception being running over our animals with our vehicles; that is the only problem that we did not have last year.);)

Here's to year of self improvement for both of us!:)

Happy New Year!

God Bless,

hulagirlatheart said...

1. Find serenity.
2. Refrain from beating my teenager when she mouths off.
3. Make a conscious effort to do more of the things my husband loves to do.
And a drumroll please for the biggie...4. Refrain from acting as if I'm always right.

The Foil Hat said...

I hate resolutions - they never motivate me - in fact they tend to backfire. But, I hope it's ok that I'm snorting here about you guys running over pets and duct taping the wounds!