Monday, January 26, 2009

Hot Chocolate...Mmmmm!

Looks like that will be on the menu at some point tomorrow. It is icing like crazy here and it looks just like snow. Which is good. That makes it a little easier to travel on and it isn't as likely to break a bunch of trees. Or knock out the power. I worked on laundry a bit today, got everyone's bed linens washed and put back on. It just seemed like we would all be cozier that way.

Our home school train was off to a late start today, but we made it out just fine. We got our school in. I am so thankful we don't miss because of the weather. In fact, we do better on snow days. The girls get to go out and play and then come in, warm up and do a little school to earn some more play time. Homeschool snow days ROCK!!

I will be praying for my darling hubby who will not only have to travel in this mess, but he will also have to walk on it all day. I hinted at a sick day and he scowled at me. I am proud of his stellar work ethic and his unwillingness to lie and say he is sick. At least 20% of the people he work with are not so inclined so that will make for a tough day. Pretty good odds, though. Despite what you hear, most mail carriers are good honest folk with pretty even temperaments.

Oh well, not much to say on here. I need to plan out school for tomorrow. Be careful if you have to get out in the bad weather. I'll be thinking about you Hula, Trailboss, and others I know that are local and will be out and about. Pack a blankie just in case!!


Amy said...

It's hard to beat the feeling of clean sheets. *sigh*

We only got rain here (thankfully). I feel like I control the weather pattern sometimes, because every single time I make plans to leave the house, we get some huge weather system that blows through. (I'm going to my parent's house today.) So please tell your hubby that I am sorry.:(

I hope that you and your family have a lovely day.

God Bless,

P.S. I'm glad you liked that home school cartoon. Another bloggy friend of mine that homeschools recently went to a "support" group meeting and said that she apparently wasn't "Amish" enough. LOL!:) I told her that I knew that feeling well....Imagine how I was treated when my group (at the time) found out that we had more than one television in the house.;)

Mia said...

Its after 5 am and I have flickering lights over here. The power went out for about 5-10 minutes. Stay warm! And yes the school train must go on!!!