Monday, January 05, 2009

A Book Review

A different kind of history book!!

The American Patriot's Almanac by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb is an awesome resource. It breaks history down by the date that the events happened. This means every day you can read what happened in history. As a homeschooler, this leaves the door wide open for my learners to do some research on whichever event peaks their interest on that day. We want to train our chldren to be lifelong learners and what better way than providing them with a daily prompt to do some digging into today's history.
Today's reading will give you a glimpse into what an awesome tool this book is and how it can translate into a whole treasure trove of study.
Ellis Island
"The first week of January 1892 saw the opening of a new U.S. immigration station on Ellis Island in New York. A 15-year-old lass from Ireland named Annie Moore entered the United States and history when she passed through its doors, becoming the first immigrant to be processed there."
The book goes into even more detail on Ellis Island leaving the door wide open to all sorts of projects stemming from Ellis Island research. However, it also tells us a tiny blurb about a few more historical happenings:
  • 1781 A British force led by Benedict Arnold burns Richmond, Virginia.
  • 1914 Henry Ford, head of Ford Motor Company, introduces a wage of five dollars a day in his automotive factories. (This could lead to many discussions considering the auto company news today!!)
  • 1925 Nellie T. Ross becomes the first woman governor when she succeeds her late husband as governor of Wyoming.
  • 1933 Construction begins on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I believe this chronological history book has a place in every home. It is fun and easy but also plays the role of encouraging learning flawlessly.

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Very cool! I'll be looking for that one!