Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rip Van Winkle

Now that I have finally awoken from the slumber to replace the lack of slumber, I will attempt to catch up this blog on my life the past few days. I have not "slept" all day, but I have slept and rested intermittently. And it was good.

*Wednesday, Erik's sister arrived into town and we fellowshipped much with her and Erik's mom and dad. She was travelling alone because her hubby used all his vacation time when they went to Disney, her son is interning this whole college year at Disney, and her daughter went with her new, yet possibly "the one" boyfriend. Her kids are both grown now and it makes me hold mine a little tighter as I think how our lives will change in the next few years!!

*Thursday, Thanksgiving with Erik's family and then with mine. Erika made beautiful pumpkin pies for both and I was so proud of her work. She pays such attention to detail. She made little little pastry leaves on top of one and pumpkins on the other. Kayla played nicely with her younger relatives at my family dinner and it was nice to see the young ladies they are SLOWLY becoming. Lilly just loves everything with such exuberance. I would love to experience life for one day with that much emotion!! Both Thanksgiving feasts were wonderful. My mom was able to drive to my sisters using her prosthetic leg and that was a very nice blessing.

*Friday, I experienced Black Friday with my sister and her friend Kristie. It was exhausting but very fun. I got alot of bargains, shopped like it was an Olympic event and ran into lots of people I knew-some I hadn't seen since high school!! I came home at about 1PM. Hubby and I ran some errands and then went to visit his sis and parents again for a bit. We left about 6 and while I planned on going to bed, we watched Hancock instead. Then we all went to bed where I slept like the dead and did not want to get up.

*Saturday, I got up, ate some food, and retired back to my room to finish "The Shack". Expect a book review post soon!! I am now running to the grocery to pick up a few things for my mom, going to shave for my stepdad ad then back home to visit with relatives some more. I am about sixty loads behind in laundry and I don't care. It will still be there when I get around to it. ( or a round tuit...heehee) Death and laundry are inevitable. My kids are watching the Martha Stewart holiday collection DVD's I checked out from the library. We love Martha and we don't care to admit it. She does a good show!!

I hope your last few days have been delightful, whether whirlwinds or resting up time. Relationships with family are awesome!!

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