Saturday, November 15, 2008


...and it feels so good. Hello blogland my old friend, it's nice to talk to you again.

WOW! A lifetime of things has happened since last I wrote. Wednesday night I rushed all three daughters through the shower and then delivered them to Memaw and Pepaw because Erik's surgery time got moved into the earlier 6 AM slot. Then I went to the grocery and gathered sprite, applesauce, pudding and other soft food supplies so that Erik would have some easy food to ingest upon his return home. Then I came home and thoroughly cleaned the entire house for the second time (NEVER clean too early, it just comes undone!) so we could return to a nice clean house. I got to bed about 1:30 AM. This was all part of my plan to sleep well if we had to spend the night at the hospital.

We got up at 5 AM and headed for the horse-pital for surgery. We prayed just before we left the house and I trusted God to take care of it all. I brought many reading items since no one knew the surgery was early and I knew I would be alone for a while. After helping Erik off with his clothes and on with his tights (heehee-they were blood clot preventative something or other tights)(no pictures, I gave my word), they came and took him away. I went and had a very good breakfast(2 eggs, a biscuit and gravy, hash rounds) for only $1.96. The cheapskate in me took note of that, we may go again for another cheap breakfast!! After that I secured a spot away from the phones and enjoyed my reading material-as much as possible, it was not a good book but I was to far in to give it up. Luckily, Mike came along to rescue me from said book. A LONG time later(about an hour in waiting room time)later, the doc came out to tell us surgery was over and Terrell joined us. We were all very thankful to have a successful surgery even if the whole thing took a little longer than expected.

We visited a bit and then prayed together. Mike and Terrell departed and I went up to the room they would bring him "home" to. I finished the bad book and got started on a really good book. Then I took a break to call my in-laws to come on down and bring the kiddos to see Dad when he got out. They arrived about 5 minutes before Erik was brought back into them room. Erik felt and looked really bad so they did not stay long. It was actually quite some time before he started feeling better. We had some other much needed visits(at least for me) from other church friends and he slowly started to feel a little better. It was about 6 or 7 before he was consistently better but we had already made the call to stay overnight. We went to bed about 10:30 and I apparently sawed some logs!! The next day, Erik was much much better and we got back home around noon. I was very happy I had cleaned. It feels good to return to a clean house.

I have gained about 10 pounds from the good food friends and family have brought over. No complaints though, it is nice to not have to worry about cooking. Tomorrow, the girls and I will go to church and get our lives somewhat back to normal. Erik is still really sore and not doing a lot of moving, but he feels OK. He is over at his mom and dad's tonight to give us a break from his grouchiness, I mean watch a football game. He needed a change of scenery. ( ; He can't drive for a couple of weeks, so I get to pick him up in a little while.

Thanks bloggers for all of your prayers!! I am going now to my reader account and catch up with everyone!! Hope your Saturday night was rockin'!!


Sandy said...

Glad erik is doing well!! Hope he feels better fast. Good thing it's football season, huh?

Ami said...

I'm glad he came through the surgery safely.

Amy said...

I'm glad that he came through it safely. You should call Shannon...he knows a "tiny bit" about taking care of a grouchy, healing spouse.
Bless both of your hearts. I know that God is smiling on you as you take care of your sweet hubby.
I will continue to pray for all of you.

God Bless,

Mia said...

So glad that all went well with Erik's surgery. It was really good to talk to you last night *LIVE* on the phone! : )
I have been failing in the friend dept. forgive me?

Becky K. said...

I haven't been here in a little bit...just busy. Glad to hear that your husband is recuperating from his surgery. Neck surgeries have really improved over the years.

I had to chuckle when you commented on the prices in the hospital cafeteria because I have caught myself thinking that we should just stop by there sometimes for can be a very reasonable place to eat. Depending on the hospital some of the food is really good too.


Becky K.